Monday, September 15, 2008

Moms of Many Exercise Challenge Weekly Fitness Goals (click button for more info)

I'm determined to get back to my "routine" and so I will take time to quickly check in today with the Moms of Many Exercise Challenge. A quick look through past posts shows that my last check in was 7-28. So I spent the three weeks following that post in the CO mountains. Plenty of exercise hiking and geocaching and climbing castles and mountains.

The first couple of weeks of September have been tough. I NEED to do 5 - 6 days of 60 minutes a day if I hope to lose weight. I've not been able to fit that back in now that PWOC and school has begun. I have been trying.

EXERCISE - My goal has been to burn at least 600 calories in every 60 min workout. This is up from about 450 when I started trying to increase a bit each week. In order to get the intensity I need to burn 600 calories I've begun staying with the ARC and then rewarding myself with the bike. I know that I can burn 250 cal in 30 min on the I work harder and harder on the ARC to allow me to read the last 20 - 30 min on the bike and still get the 600 calories.

Monday - 60 minutes - 615 cal
Tuesday - 60 minutes - 620 cal
Wed - 60 minutes - 627 cal
Thurs - 60 min 645 cal
Fri - Sun - flu

Weight - I lost about .5 a lb. I was bummed because I was on a GREAT course to lose a lb but then didn't get the last two workouts in due to being sick.

I know I should add in some weights, but at this point I need to lose about 20 more lbs to be comfortable going out in public. ::snort:: I decided to focus on cardio (for my heart and weight) until I've lost 10% of my weight and then to cut back on cardio to add in weights...or maybe by then I'll have the fall routine working so smoothly that I COULD spend EXTRA time for weights instead of having to cut back cardio. I really cannot cut back cardio if I want to lose. I tried the 45 min cardio/30 weights and gained. I simply have a sluggish metabolism.

I'm committed. I simply couldn't make it to the gym this a.m. so I'm planning to go late tonight after United co-op. I'll get there. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Hey De'Etta, glad to have you back! It's been lonely the last few weeks! LoL

Cynthia said...

I admire your sticktoitiveness!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL - I admire my persistence but I'd really admire some weight loss here. LOL

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Oh the weeks when I lose maybe half a pound is HARD! I keep looking at the start and where I am now and that helps. :)