Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Photobucket Could it be????

I learned years ago that I prefer waiting until a child is ready to potty train, rather than trying to convince them they want to sit on a toilet. With the first four children *I* was trained to remember to take them.....but my memory isn't what it used to be....and I was content to wait. I've learned when it's THEIR idea they catch on quickly and painlessly.

Every a.m. I have asked Stacia if she'd like to wear panties for the day. Nope. O.k.

put on panties and wore them ALL day. She didn't have ONE accident.

Could it be that shortly we'll be without a child in diapers??? If so, it will be the first time in over 23 years.

Of course, she didn't NEED any "potty incentive," but I got nostalgic. I have an emotional connection between potty training and m/m's. ::snort:: Who can forget the days of "sinking cheerios", "making bubbles," or passing out m/m's to a child learning this marvelous life skill? I bought 3 lbs of m/ms thinking we'd shortly need them as incentive for Stacia. She doesn't LIKE them. She wanted a bandaide. Yep - a bandaide.

I realized today that Mike and I stop in the closet and grab an m/m every time we exit the bathroom. Could it be that my inordinate fondness to m/ms stems from POTTY TRAINING rather that deprivation in the jungles of Africa or the forrests of the Philippines or GREED???? It's a thought.

Even stoic, introverted, big brothers CAN be wrapped around a 3 year old's finger. Photobucket
A really serious blogger would GET UP, take photos of the BIG bag of m/m's in the closet, and the bandaides...but ah well.....serious I am not.

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berrypatch said...

I still remember when training J just recently. Hubby found my stash of M&M's in the fridge and ATE THEM ALL! I was horrified I'd need them and not have them. Alas, J was more stubborn than that. I had plenty of time to buy more and eat those too if I remember right! ;-) When J trained a few months ago I was diaper-free after 11 years. Now I'm watching two babies & change multiple ones a day. LOL

Debbie said...

Love this entry. I really can not imagine having at least one child in diapers for 23 years. That is a lot of diapers. I think I would be very sad about now, but I just love to sit in those melancholy places and enjoy it for a spell. One of my major flaws.

Congrats to Stacia!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

My boys will forever call a certain brand of treats "Potty-Candy" :0)

What an accomplishment... for Stacia and YOU!


Linda said...

While I only have 2 kids, it was a liberating day when I finally chucked the pull-ups away (well, I GAVE them away) CONGRATS to Stacia for making it one day....every day is one step closer.

And could it be that you don't want to photograph the big bag of M&M's near the bathroom closet because it's really not so BIG anymore? Maybe mostly EMPTY? ;-)

Cynthia said...

LOL about the m/ms. That's HILARIOUS! And.. wow... 23 years of diapers. I can't imagine. How strange it must seem. Another bittersweet moment, I'm sure.

Cynthia said...

Forgot to say I LOVE the pic of her at the piano. What a smile!

Jodi said...

This is hilariously funny. 23 years wow, I figure I put in about 9 years, most of that with multiple kids in diapers/ pull ups. I did give myself a reward when it was over. I think you deserve even more M&M's for your reward! 23 bags of them!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm in a computer class tonight...they're teaching me how to set up a gmail account and save a word document....don't you think this will become valuable information one day?? (yawn)