Saturday, November 01, 2008


I called Deja to get friend sympathy but she's running my son and several of her children to Nutcracker Practice. So....I will vent here! ::snort::

Thursdays are "Puzzle Piece Days." This means that the schedule fits like a puzzle...and each piece needs to stay in its assigned spot.

TODAY is also a Puzzle Piece Day. Here was the day's plan, with adjustments in ().

6:00 - Tryst

7:30 - leave to take Jamin to SAT at 7:45

8:00 - 9:00 workout at gym (um....the teachers were late at SAT and this didn't work out).

9:00 - 9:30 Get Nolan ready for Nutcracker

9:45 - take Nolan to practice

10:00 - 11:45 Bake 4 loaves of bread (um.....OK now the grain grinder not only froze up but began to spew black smoke. This was AFTER I had to replenish yeast and honey. Mike blew it out and it did it again! It's finally DEAD!!!! I'm ordering a new one as soon as I calm down. Meanwhile, I found critters in my wheat and had to dump the end of that bucket and wash the bucket. I also decided to clean one cupboard out during each "rest" time in my bread baking so I had stuff everywhere while I tried to figure out what to do with the grain mill.)

11:45 - RUSH out of the house to pick up Jamin at noon, hoping the yeast stays put until we get back....I was SO THANKFUL that Nolan was going home with Deja's son for lunch and run around time before the afternoon practice. I would not have made it to pick up both he and Jamin.

12:30 discover that they've changed the test time and that they won't be done until 1:30.

FINALLY back home and guess what? The grain mill froze and began to spew black smoke again. I called Mike and he said it's time to buy a new one. I don't have time to do a lot of research. I think I'll get the same one. I bought it used for $50 ten years ago. It's served us well. I'd like to give the business to Marilyn Moll at the Urban Homemaker. Her late husband won my business when he sent me a free new blender for the Bosch because Mike was deployed and mine needed fixed. I didn't even PURCHASE it from them in the first place but had needed someone to give me the "straight talk" as I was getting some run around from the company who makes them. ::snort:: Wow - free shipping and all.

Of course...given that the baking and cooking are down the tubes....I've decided that what I need is a new blog look. This has been growing since I've been working on two other blogs this week.....I thought that would take care of my "itch". Obviously, it hasn't. LOL Thank-you, Debbie, for pointing me to The Cutest Blog on the Block ! This saved me HOURS this week as I attempted to build a blog with "zing" and "character". You can find CUTE, FREE templates that work in a snap (unlike my experience with Pyzam). I like change. Cindy, you love me anyway - don't you? ::snort::

Now....since I'm committed I best figure out what to do about my signature...maybe.

The rest of the day is also full of puzzle pieces....I've got to get Jamin to work, Nolan picked up, Jared picked up and there's a ball tonight.....Marine, I think.
©2008 D.R.G.


Debbie said...

Sorry about your grain mill.

We also had a mix up at Bessie's PSAT testing area and she went way over the scheduled time.

Brian wants to start grinding our own grain. I guess I better start researching. A friend ground some for us this week and it looks sooo nice. I'm still not sure if I can be committed enough to doing all our bread, but if we make the investment, I guess I better be.

Hope you have a calmer day soon.

Yvonne said...

De'Etta...I just wanted to say that I like your new template. I also have a template from Cutest. I originally found them through my local friend, Becky. They have a lot of cute designs.

Anyways I love yours!

Paula said...

I like the fall theme on your template. I hope the new grain maker works out for you. I am a fan of the Urban Homemaker as well.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Oh thanks, Ladies for the kind comments about the template. I love the fun of picking out something new. It wasn't hard at all - though this time I DID save the widget codes "just in case". LOL

Debbie - new mill is ordered.....and I've ground enough using Deja's mill to get me through until it arrives.

Cynthia said...

LOL! Of coures, I still love you >VBG>! I don't care if you change things, I just don't like to change my things. I like the new fall look. I really like the flowers on the side and it did immediately make me think of Yvonne's blog which I also enjoy with the 3-D looking flowers. The only part that I have a hard time reading is the title in your header, but that's just because of my poor eyesight having a hard time reading that color... the blue/green on the dark red.. I'm finding anything that is dark on dark or light on light is getting harder for me to read.. UGH!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cindy - you must have seen it when it was still "in progress" as I don't have those colors now. LOL

Ah, aging eyesight....what fun. I hadn't read blogs for so long that I hadn't seen Yvonne's new look until last night...I think. I had another look picked out to change to "when I had a minute" but saw this one and decided it was the one I need for now. LOL Debbie's blog is where I saw the cute fall look...then she told me the secret and saved me hours and hours of trying to design a blog. LOL

Jodi said...

Sorry about your grain mill explosion. Good that you'll be able to get a new one soon.

Cynthia said...

It was before you must have finished up. I LOVE the pumpkins and the colors of the wording now. it's much easier to read and it looks AWESOME! It (I hate to even say this) sort of makes me wonder if I should think about something different for fall and Christmas... but the by the time I even find something for fall it would be spring (LOL). You know me.