Saturday, November 08, 2008

Giving Thanks ~ Day 8

~I am thankful that all the parts of the day worked well together.

~I am thankful for a day spent almost entirely alone with Stacia (3). It was fun.

~I am thankful that Nolan is having a great time with the Nutcracker.

~I am thankful the SACHSA Basketball team won their game against Midessa 24/15..... (no photos).

~I am thankful the day is over - it's been busy. LOL

©2008 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...


AWESOME that your team won! We prayed. Sure it felt good. Keep up posted on how your games go and all that stuff.


your 2G's

Paula said...

There are plenty of nights when I fell grateful the day is over! I remember my mom saying she was grateful we humans have a need to sleep because otherwise we would never stop going...I think I finally understand what she meant!