Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oy Vey - The Characters I Live With!!

For instance:

Zander (6) came out from bed to tell me he has a fever. He doesn't. I played along.

"Mom, in the morning can someone bring me food in bed?"

"OK," says I, "I'll remember that."

"Can YOU bring me food in bed? You know what food I like. No one else does. I'd like a banana for breakfast and a banana and apple for lunch."

I suspect he is plotting to be quarantined. My kids love this as I dig out the t.v. and they can watch movies.....all healthy people have to stay out of the room.....and I bring them food. ::snort::

Or take this example: Stacia and I went out shopping yesterday while everyone else was busy. We had a great time. I often say to her, "Stacia, you are a GOOD girl." As we were checking out of one store, she looked up at me and said, "Mommy, you are being a GOOD Mom." ::snort::

Someone in the store commented to Stacia - ahem - "Ah, you must be having a great day with your Grandma." EXCUUUUUUSE ME? I mean I know that I was over 40 when I had the girl but still....I don't think I look like a grandma yet.... AnyWAY....from that point on Stacia has been calling me "Mommy Bam-ma" (her word for my mom).

Zander again: We were buying things for the shoe boxes and a nice gentlemen who works at Dollar Tree asked Zander, "What are you going to be when you grow up?"

He replied, "Your boss!" ::snort:: ::gasp:: ::hiccup::: Maybe another business major in the family?

And what about these two?


What could they be doing in a public restaurant? I missed the photo where they both had their knees bent, hands up and were shuffling back and forth....yep...Dad doing a bit of basketball Burger King.

My characters. Ah well, I know my sense of humor sometimes embarrasses them....and life is never dull around here, I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

©2008 D.R.G.


Debbie said...

What a cast of characters. I love the spontaneous humor of little ones.

Romany said...

Oh, I love the things little kids will say, so unabashed.

What did you reply to the Grandma comment? Or did you just smile and nod? {g}

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Well - actually Stacia replied FOR me. God love her. She said, "This is my Mommy Bam Ma" so of course the lady thought I was a grandma raising her.....whatever. LOL

I DID tell Stacia that I'm her MOMMY and not her Grandma, no matter how cute she thinks that is. LOL

Stephanie said...

I love hearing stories like this!

Here's one... One Christmas a few years after we got married we had to take my stepdaughter to the airport as she was visiting friends over the Christmas break. We had some obscene check in time at half dark o'clock, so I ran out of the house with my hair in a pony tail and no make up. The only jacket I could find while half asleep was - get this - my old letter jacket from drill team in high school. lol My husband is 14 years older than me, and has never looked like a spring chicken. He has that older/distinguished look. ;) As we're running (late) through the air port I'm carrying our then 3 yo so she wouldn't get knocked down or dragged. These two older women saw us and started wagging fingers and shaking heads telling my husband that he should be ashamed of himself getting a young girl in "that condition." He was offended, and I was complimented thinking that someone actually still thought I looked young. lol Ah, the memories. lol

Michelle said...

LOL! Zander cracks me up! Reminds me of another little boy I know who has taught me MUCH humility.

Anonymous said...

Great stories!

And oh, how they put up with us that carry cameras EVERYWHERE to document the little things in our lives.

Cute profile pic!

Paula said...

I love your humor De'Etta. Actually, these days being a mother past 40 isn't surprising at all; it's all those kids you had before you hit 40 that is unusual, LOL.
When I was 13 I was giving my 5-year old sister a piggy-back ride in the park, and some woman thought I was her mother. I've always wondered just how old she thought I looked...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

You all make me smile. Stephanie - LOVE your story.

Kristine said...

"Your boss!"? That's hysterical! DeEtta, when we met last year, you did NOT look like you could be Stacia's grandma. (And I'm not just saying that because you are two years younger than me.)

Love the Sanctus Real song in your sidebar. I haven't heard it in a few weeks, and I REALLY want to. It's just MY song right now, if you kwim.

Kristine said...

P.S. I thought your guys were praying in BK!

Anonymous said...

better never than late!! Dad would say!

As I have said before.... write out all the cute things all your kids have said and even done over the years and you'd have a best seller. love/prayers --- Mom T.