Friday, December 12, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

Irony? Finally being convicted that the human body NEEDS sleep and that sleep isn't for wimps....finally making an effort to get in bed at a decent hour and allow for the possibility of 6-8 hours of sleep.....THEN coming down with a cough that keeps you up all night.

Yesterday morning I took three of the kids to see Willy Wonka. This was the "school" showing of the play. It was cute. I did have to leave due to coughing. We'd thought of going to see the Gospel According to Scrooge...but I couldn't bear the thought of all the disapproving stares again when I had a coughing fit. I'm praying I'm better by Sunday and we can catch it then. LOL

Produce co-op was moved to the afternoon due to the play. Sleep deprivation (you wondered how I'd tie this together?) is the only explanation I have to arriving to pick up 2 pallets of produce with a Toyota Camry instead of a 15 pass van. I can't believe they fit it all in! I had produce EVERYWHERE...floor, seats, trunk.....



We ended the evening watching the new Tim Hawkins DVD that we found as a family gift last Sunday.

Half-way through this daily/advent/calendar/gift/thing I have mixed feelings. The kids LOVE the hunt. They are enjoying it...but I think it causes a focus on GIFTS that we've not had before....and I am wondering what in the world I'll put in their stockings this year as we've been giving them daily little gifts. Maybe we'll skip stockings and then the daily gifts won't seem excessive...just stockings stretched over the month. I don't know. They LOVE it...and the hunts have been a tremendous amount of fun. The activity calendar is a hit....but I'm not feeling well and so I wish there wasn't a daily nagging to "do something". LOL I do think that these activities have insured that we have "family moments" even when we are busy, even when we are sick. Here's some random photos of the past few days of treasure hunts.

Gift of the night - stickers

Zander promises to learn to read so he can read the clues himself next year.

Gotta love the teamwork - clue "mountain of knowledge"

Gift of the night - Ocean toobs (which we needed for our ocean boxes ::snort::)

So....the signature place is wonking out again - I really need to take the time to download a program to create my own signature.....

©2008 D.R.G.


Deja said...

I'm so glad that it all fit into your car! Gives me hope that it will all fit into my only-7-passenger-van ;-) Hope you got a couple more hours of rest.

As for stockings...last year I took the kids to Dollar Tree and gave them all $10. They each picked out one thing for each person's stocking. It was great! They loved shopping 'alone' and I loved not having to pick out stocking stuffers.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Deja, I was thinking the same thing yesterday, "Well, this should all fit in a mini-van". LOL

I'll probably do what you did for stockings. I don't think I have much shopping in me and still have the traditional "Shopping day with mom" to do x6.

Linda said...

Which Tim Hawkins DVDs do you have? We finally got 2 for an Advent gift. We got Full Range of Motion and Bananas. We had seen all the clips on the website, but we still laughed until we were sick. We got to hear all the verses of Imagine. The end is THE funniest! What other ones should we get?