Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Y'all Rock!

I have the best friends, family, and blog readers. Not only do you care about helping me not make a fool of myself, but you graciously tell me PRIVATELY that I may be slipping.

What am I talking about? My "Fourth Sunday in Advent" post yesterday. I DID explain that I'm of "Low Protestant" background and then I posted a 4th Sunday post. ::snort:: ::hiccup:: I LOVE that so many emailed me privately to let me know of my "mistake".

I did make a mistake but it was NOT the one that appeared. I needed to publish that article so that I could link it in the sidebar.....this is part of a devotional booklet that Mike wrote and a chapel passed out years ago. I thought for those who are new to Advent, it would provide an easy starting point. So I meant to back date the article and link's now back-dated.

AND for some reason that "Second Sunday" link does not take you to Mike's writing but to a glimpse of one of our Second I'll be adding that and BACKDATING it too - maybe today - so that any who want a weekly devotional with daily readings can easily have them. BTW, this works well for older children or adults...edit on the fly to bring it down to an understanding level for young children.

I love y'all!

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