Wednesday, December 03, 2008


My dear friends know that I've had my computer crash twice in the past two years...and I've lost my ONLY address book both times. I'm a slow learner - I still don't have a paper address book yet...but I'm making it now.

If you have not sent me your address in the past 6 months - I need it. I'll be harvesting addresses from those who send us Christmas cards...but for the first time in FIVE years, I have a card we made ready to mail out. Well - not ready - nothing is addressed. ::snort:: I may yet, write a letter....but the cards are here..... so please send me your addresses....if you know our personal email address, use it. If not, the address in the side bar will work.

I'm really serious about, friends....I need your addresses. BTW, if you've wondered why you all of a sudden quit getting EMAILS from us, it would be because we lost email addresses too and I've had to rebuild as YOU email ME. LOL

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Paula said...

This is why I pay for Carbonite (online backup). If my computer crashed my life would fall apart...

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I guess I'm still old fashioned... I have my addresses on paper. But I hated the untidiness of scratching them out in an address book when people moved, so I use a 3x5 card file. REALLY old fashioned. Practically a Luddite.