Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday Sights

Jamin's laminated license came in the mail. We laughed that it expires on 20 Feb. He'll have to turn it in to get a "non-provisional" license as he'll be 18......

"Mom, I used your BeaUtiful lip stuff!"

I picked up produce at Deja's house. I'm still debating how best to make produce work for us now that we aren't running a co-op. I was getting two shares and then taking any extra fruit that we needed from the extra I'm buying two shares but I'm running out of fruit and yet I know that I don't need MORE veggies. What to do. It's been a month so I need to figure this out. LOL In Feb I may try alternating week with THIS one and one with the one where you pick exactly what you need.....or I may try to simply ADD the other one to this weekly one...but I'm trying to cut our budget too. ::snort::

Sherri, a local friend, took me out to lunch in anticipation of my birthday - which was Saturday.

Mike took the kids out birthday shopping for both Jared (who delayed his gifts) and me.

Mike told me he wanted to take me out for dinner. I hesitated as the older boys try to have Friday nights off and I enjoy having family night on Fridays....but Mike and I hadn't been out alone in over a month....Josiah hadn't mentioned coming over.... We went....and I'll write another post to share the rest of the evening.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

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Anonymous said...

Jamin the plastic look good. How about taking me for a drive. love/prayers Mom T.