Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Insanity on the Stability Ball

Before Mike left this a.m. he put more air in my stability ball. I've been debating what to do about this "Phase Thing".

(This is not me. This is not my house. This is a replica of MY stability ball.)Photobucket

Phase 1 helps you establish a regular workout routine, drink water and eat breakfast. I'll write about THAT later. ::snort:: I pretty much had that down.

Phase 2 asks you to add strength training, to identify and conquer a weak food area and to keep a food log. I already keep a food log and began my own personal Lent last week. I decided to move into phase 2. Phase 3 is to make food boring and I'm simply not ready for that. Since one of the 5 elements of the brain change is being truthful, I'm going to hang out here (and I need to spend 4 weeks depriving myself of my weakness before I move on anyway) until I'm ready to make food boring. ::snort::

I've had a hard time finding TIME to add strength to my cardio - and I've proven over and over that my sluggish body NEEDS 60 min of cardio to maintain or lose any weight......but Chantel (see review below - it's not to late to enter) has workouts that take 25 minutes in Never Say Diet. I have a ball and can do this at

Mike blew the ball up bigger - it was really flat. I tried the work out tonight....It's harder than it looks. ::snort:: Though that may be because Stacia delights in jumping on top of my tummy while I try to do some sort of ab walk out...abs walk? Hmmm....mine roll.

I did great until I hit this exercise:


(This is not me.) This hurt my aging knees BAD. The next was a wall lunge (couldn't find a photo) and it hurt terribly too...... I know that I have to baby my knees. I do not want to re injure the thing and be out of cardio for months.....but what can I do instead of these wall squats and lunges to work those muscles without hurting my knee. Ideas?

To prove I'm NOT a wimp, I ignored the wimpy wrists and did the "push ups" - they hurt too - but not as bad. ::snort::

In other news I bought a digital scale as those little lines are simply too far away at 5:30 a.m. It is a fancy thing but I can't figure out how to make it work. ::snort:: According the scale I have now and the one at the gym I lost 2 lbs last week. My grace-filled goal is 3 lbs a month.

Choosing Joy!
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Gilda said...

If only I could lose weight reading about all the things you do! I will be able to start soon. Right now I just need to get whatever I can in and start creating some habits.

Anonymous said...

Important to remember when doing any squats-stick your rear out. lol Make sure that your weight is in the back of your feet. It kills your knees when you don't do squats right.
Happy exercising!!!
Laura lol

Stephanie said...

You're doing great! I tried some squats yesterday and had to stop because my knees just hurt too much. I've also figured out that I can't do basic jumping jacks with my kid past about 10 or 12 of them because my knees scream. There are some great yoga poses that strengthen different areas. There may be some alternatives for you that are easier on your knees. I don't see to have a problem with most poses on my knees, ankles, or back (my big "hurt" areas.)

Anonymous said...

Sis: Knees! I have been off work since last Thursday due to one of my knees just going out on the steps at school. Tried to go back to work yesterday but due to the way the doctor wrote her note they sent me home, told me not to come back on the school grounds until I see the doctor in Feb. I like being off but this is crazy!!! Work just piles up you know! Everyone is trying to get it so I can come back on Monday..... hope (in a way) they succeed. :):) If my life depended on it I sure could not do any knee bends just now. :):)

Sis, proud of your strong efforts! Keep it up.

Dad just left to see a knee doctor about what he hopes will be a knee replacement and not any more of those "turkey comb" injections weekly.

love/prayers Mom T

Michelle said...

De'Etta, these are some that we've been doing in class: sitting straddle on the ball and simulate riding a horse? Then do a three count posting motion.

Try laying on your front and pushing your legs up toward the ceiling, then do pulsing.

Laying with your upper back on the ball do pelvic tilts if that doesn't hurt your knees.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Oh, Laura, my tush is knees are just weak....but I'll find some gentle exercise to strengthen them and eventually be able to do the lunges and squats. This has been a problem for years. I can still work glutes and such....I'll just have to find an alternative exercise......

Cynthia said...

I had to buy a new ball because I think my other one was the wrong size. I'm glad she gave a size chart for your height. I used to do an exercise class at the Y that used stability balls and it was AWESOME!