Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lapbook Help

  1. What do they mean when they say, "glue two folders together". I can see a example of this here. How much of the folders do you glue together?
  2. We are looking for lapbooks to do during our unit study on the Renaissance and Reformation. These could be on composers, inventions, scientists, cathedrals...whatever of the time period or one lapbook that sort of generally covers the time. We've opted not to do the TOG lapbooks because they look boring to us.
  3. We LOVE Homeschoolshare.com but don't see a lot there that we can use. If you have resources for this - please share.

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berrypatch said...

Knowledge Box Central makes one specifically titled "Renaissance & Reformation." CurrClick has it for a few cents cheaper. Hands of a Child makes a great Middle Ages one (we're using it this year) & all of their kits packs are currently discounted due to that law coming up next month.

BTW I did a "Renaissance and Reformation lapbook" search on Google. Your blog was the 10th site listed....

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Lisa - Knowledge Box makes the TOG lapbooks - they seem so boring to us - but maybe they aren't. LOL

I was wondering about the Hands of a Child. YOu like the Middle Ages....so can you answer my project/kit pack questions. Do I NEED both? If I bought the kit pack and the answer one would that be enough info to go along with my TOG studies? I don't really NEED a lot of extra pages of text to teach and projects...I have those.... LOL

How funny my blog came in 10th - probably because I keep asking about this. LOL

Linda said...

I would SO need this video to do lapbooks, too! :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Oh, Linda, you've made my day! I'm not the only one seriously challenged by these things.

NOW I've got the silly thing glued but can't figure out how it folds together again. LOL