Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Highlights of Monday

My biggest accomplishment by far was figuring out HOW to make this little "Code of Chivalry" book. The cutting and gluing is easy - the folding is challenging for me. I honestly need someone to make a video on all these folds...I'd buy it. Or a lapbook with blank booklets in it so that I can see and touch and play with all the various folds. We got it done. Today (Tuesday) we try to assemble the folders. We shall see.
Our next event was speech. The District Speech supervisor observed today. She is "very happy" with the progress Nolan is making. I'm happy. I lose sight of progress in the day to day work of seeing progress... (does that sentence make any sense to anyone else but me?) In a wild change the mean librarian was INCREDIBLY nice and friendly. She even gave me the site and password that their school uses for internet sources. I can't figure out WHY she's so nice....I wonder if they got word that I was very perturbed by the school districts "behaviour modification" policy. I thought it was this one school and my heart was breaking over the treatment of children that I've observed. I have since discovered that this is a district wide policy. I can only pray the parents know what is going on at school. It has been a huge lesson to me on the importance of taking time to really talk with my children each day to find out what is going on when they are out of my eyesight. ::snort::
United co-op.....I like meeting the truck and visiting with Julie and Shirley. I like watching the kids unload the van. ::snort:: I like sorting at my home - last night with Heather - and I enjoy seeing everyone when they pick up their groceries for the month. I sure hope I can find a new United co-op wherever we may go - of course I'm pretty sure I've been spoiled as we pay wholesale and not co-op prices....oh well.



Mike got home in time to take Jared to practice. While he was gone I delivered groceries and then made pancakes for dinner. When he got back we delivered a car to the mall and went to Albertsons to buy MORE milk. They were out of whole milk for some reason - but we got 10 more 2% - with instructions that Zander NOT drink it as the Vit A palmitate will send him crashing and soaring. LOL
I had fun talking with Niki and Harlan when they picked up their food. They'll be moving to Anchorage in May. She hopes to start or find a co-op like ours up there. There are two positions in Alaska on the "requirement list". One is in Anchorage and one is in Fairbanks. Harlan is from Fairbanks and Niki is from Anchorage. I enjoyed the rousing conversation as we compared the two spots. We continue to be in prayer about where GOD (via the USAF) will send us next. The kids have started composing a list of things they want us to look for in the next house. Big yard tops the list, as well as "big play room". LOL

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...

Sis: Praying with you all. Praying we can visit you at least 2 times at your next place.

praying your present home sells at the right time and for a very good price.

l/p Mom T.

Herd Momma said...

How funny you mention Niki. I was thinking of them today when I was at Rehab! Does she have a blog or is she one of your followers?
Please pass my hello on to her. Is she still planning her big driving trip home?

Anonymous said...

If it helps your friends make the choice between Anchorage or Fairbanks, consider last week was -50 degrees in Fairbanks and only -22 in Anchorage (at the airport)! lol We've warmed up to 19 above in Anchorage and it feels so good we're walking to school again instead of driving. {G}

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Amy- lunch tomorrow - I'll call...grrrr....I'm terrible about remembering to call when the hours are "right".

I don't know if Niki has a blog. She is on facebook. She participates in the natural food co-op that I run so I get to see her once a month. LOL Yes, they are planning on driving to AK in May.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Darshia - THEY are going to Anchorage.

WE are the ones debating if it would be wonderful to receive an assignment to Fairbanks. The entire family says, "YES, it's AK" - except me and all I can think is "frozen coffee, -70 below...." ::snort::

We love to dream of the possibilities. Though both Anch and Fairbanks were on the requirement listings.....so was say Tinker in OK. LOL