Friday, January 16, 2009

That Sort of a Day

Today is a cool, over-cast day. The very type of day that reminds me of my family. ::snort:: They all LIVE in the Pacific NW. How did that happen? Anyway - I wonder how my cousins are doing and remember that I need to look up Lori's number and give her a call. I still have Lois and Launny's Christmas card here as Mom didn't have the zip code and the USPS won't deliver it for me. I miss Aunt Gin and keep replaying our last conversation around the pool at Double Tree Inn. I do smile to think of her at peace with Jesus.

I wonder how my oldest brother is. Maybe I should pick up the phone and call. We've not been real good at keeping in touch. I'm glad my baby brother is on Facebook - we seem to do better with Facebook than other forms of communication.

I miss my parents. I miss Mike's parents. The girls are in WA. I miss my Grams and Uncle Bill and they've been in heaven many, many years now. I wonder how Uncle Jim is doing and I remember our last visit with Clara and the jugglers on the street of New Orleans.

Krista called today to suggest that I fly out to Spokane. I wish I could. She said it would be fun to have some "girl time". I think it's that sort of a day. The sort of day when you remember with fondness all those who have blessed your life and wish you could see them all "real quick".

I think the hardest thing, personally, about the military lifestyle is being away from family. Of course, I wouldn't trade the adventures we've had, the ministry we've shared, the people we've met....but I do start to wonder on days like today....what would it be like to have been allowed to stay in one house for years and years....or at least the same town as family? I don't know. I thank God often that he gave us 5 years in Hardin, MT where we were able to live in the same town with my Grams and Uncle Bill. I'll keep remembering those years - the closest I've come to Walton's Mountain - and dreaming of future locations.

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

Well, we're not in the military, but so many of my generation (I had 30 cousins on my mom's side) moved away for jobs, etc. Greg's family lives in town but we still don't see much of them. Life is too busy!

berrypatch said...

I've always said I can't imagine what military life would be like. I so hate to move & we've done it A LOT in the 15 years of marriage (I think the last count was 9 or 10 moves). All within the state though & most within the same community so we didn't have to acclimate to a new place each time - for the most part. I'll be praying for you as you wait to hear where you go next.

Debbie said...

De'Etta, we have been blessed to have lived in the same place for many years and be close to family and I still have those days when I think of those that have passed or those we have lost touch with. I think like you said, it is just those gray, cool days.

Michelle said...

De'Etta, most of my life was spent moving (attended 15 different schools). I, too, wondered what it would be like to live in one location/house for many years.

Wayne retired from the army five years ago. Although we don't live near family (Wayne's parents died 7years ago and my parents live in north Idaho) I do like putting down roots.

The three oldest kids treasure the memories of our cross country road trips, living in Hawai'i and all the friends we made but they're also glad to have a place to call *home.*

Romany said...

Mmmm...yes, we've lived in a dozen places since we've been married, and I grew up traipsing around in the RAF, so I can definitely relate. But my family wasn't as nice as yours and the relationships not as good, so maybe I can't relate after all!

God HAS blessed you with a wonderful family.

Maybe you *can* pop over to see Krista?

Anonymous said...


Know exactly how you feel. OH how I miss family and friends who have gone on to be with Jesus. Even today we go to Gilbert Chamberlans memorial service. He is the guy who had 15 kids and went to Lighthouse. Some of his kids were your age. Remember, his wife was so sweet and saved from the food allowance so she could give special little things to missionary kids etc. Both are in Heaven now.

Honey, hang in there because these feelings will come and go often. I think it often is so we can think of the good and neat things these family members did.

We have found that every day we long for closeness to our kids. Even the ones who live close we would like to be able to spend more time with in intimate ways. Bellieve me, we cherish the times we get to be with you and your family and we will always find a way to visit you etc.

Phone calls help. Will/Sherri have been spending all their time on the house they bought in Cottage Grove and it is almost done and allready for rent. They did a great job.

Uncle Jim is fine. He calls every week or two if I don't call him. Would love to go back to Baton R. again when all his kids were there...

Well this is a long response but just know we think of you so much and PTL for how God has used you and Mike. Enjoy every minute because when it is time for you to retire......... no fun. BUT one can PTL when thinking back on life even thous it can hurt.

Man, are we ever looking forward to your kids being at EBC. Our plan is to have a get together every Sunday after church where your kids and our other G'Kids in this area are invited..... kinda like Hammers do.

love you and praying for you all.

Dad/Mom T

Amy said...

Don't you just love Facebook? It's so easy to keep in touch!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


I'm on the opposite end. My kids are the seventh generation on one side, and the fifth on the other to live not only in the same town, but the same neighborhood.

I should probably post about this sometimes, because I suppose that's pretty unusual anymore.

When my grandparents died we bought their house - the house my mom grew up in. Been in the family since it was built in 1902.

Slowly but surely the other families from the neighborhood have moved away.

I'm thankful for the continuity we have - the sense of place. But a lot more thankful for my godly parents, 20 minutes away, and their involvement in our lives. (And not just PTO days!)

Still... sometimes I get itchy feet. Kerry will come in my office and find me online, browsing real-estate listings :0)

I love the way you Choose Joy in the life God has given you.

Content with what I have,


Anonymous said...

girl time?! should fly up here; )

Bre g

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Bre you and Krista are forgetting that we want YOU to fly down HERE for Jamin's graduation.

Cynthia said...

I suppose the grass always looks greener elsewhere. You already know we are raising our family in the house I grew up in..... I seem to always wish that I could go on the adventures you go on... our days here are same ol same ol.... busy, but rather predicatable.

Cynthia said...

PS I'm glad you were near us for a good length of time as well or I may not have met you!