Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stacia's Shopping List

Yesterday morning Stacia climbed into our bed and proceeded to give us her birthday shopping list for her brothers.

Josiah - Chocolate

Nolan - Needs a book

Zander - Boy princess

Jamin - Teddy Bear - We told her that we didn't think that last choice was a good one. She then went to Jamin and told him, "Jamin, you need a Teddy Bear, don't you?" His birthday isn't until the 20th, we have some time to see if she changes her mind.

Today we FINALLY celebrated all the birthdays that we've been having in the midst of flu, pneumonia, college classes and WORK. ::snort::

Stacia was VERY interested in helping Cy with his bags of DOVE chocolate

Nolan seems to think his Jerry Jenkins mystery is going to be o.k.

That leaves Zander...


Zander's Boy Princess? Well, we don't really DO Barbie, but Stacia has some Princess like Barbies - and so she evidently has been thinking that she needed a MAN in the house....however, there are no KEN dolls on the shelves. Ye Gads in the 15 years since we've done Barbie they've made Ken obsolete. (Yes, I DID work up a lather on this one and I DID let folks in toy aisles all over town know what I thought). We figured a nice GI Joe would work - Mike being military and all. Zander has an AMAZING imagination and always has all manners of rubber animals lined up fighting in his room....a man to the mix seemed like a good idea. AND...Stacia was determined.

There are NO normal looking GI Joes either. WHAT? All military men must look like goons with terribly scary faces????? We finally settled for an Indiana Jones that at least had a normal face - and two removable swords...on CLEARANCE.

Zander liked it, promptly had him fighting dinosaurs. ::snort::

Look at this Death By Chocolate that Arielle and Jared made!
Not bad at all for a first attempt! Nolan took one bite and lost a molar...but he was due.

We ended the night playing laser tag. This ended when Zander tripped over a cart in the dark living room. Josiah went home. Mike's on the phone with his brother Earl and his Mother.

I DID destroy another digital camera. Never fear I have the Nikon D70 to use until my family is terrified enough to tell me to buy another pocket camera. I really like the way it handled the above food photo. I will admit that I'm spoiled now not carrying the BIG camera around.....

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Kelly said...

What a fun day of celebrating!

Is the death by chocolate recipe on the blog anywhere?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kelly - I just posted the recipe. I found it online but it was WAY more complicated than needed....and we couldn't find everything they I posted how we really made it.

I'm trying to get my post often made recipes on the blog so when we move and are in Temp housing, I still have my recipes at my fingertips without having to bring cookbooks on the trip. LOL

Wild Homeschool Family said...

I was wondering through the whole post what a boy princess would be, LOL. Indiana Jons seems like a good choice! Looks like a fun and tasty boys' birthday!

The Boyds said...

It is hard to find Ken dolls these days. Emily does have a couple from the past few years... a boy doll from one of the Barbie movies and a Beast doll from Beauty and the Beast. Seems they only make them to go along with movies these ploys!