Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Can you tell Mike is working and I had photos ready to blog? ::snort::

I've been waiting for a minute to write this post. Several of us have been learning a lot about decisions. Since Mike is serious about saving this blog as a family record, I realize that I need to be sure to include some of the good, the bad, the deep and the shallow.... ::snort::

Three of us have made hard decisions in the past few weeks.

Me - For years I've wanted to be a PWOC Traveling Trainer. This is a lady who receives training and then commits to travel to at least three bases that summer and train the leadership of PWOC at those bases. Mentoring at it's finest. I love the program. Teaching is my #1 spiritual gift....I was looking forward to being a trainer this year. I am not pregnant, I am established in the region, I'm not nursing...the timing seemed right and I was excited. Mike and the kids were excited for me to have this opportunity. As time came closer, I began to realize that this might not be the year for me to be a trainer. I have committed to making these last few months in San Angelo focused on family and friends. I've already cut back to find time for relationships. I'm committed to making this a smoother move than past moves have been. I knew I needed to focus on Josiah, Jamin and graduation, finishing this school year strong, relationships and the move. I had NO idea when I would be moving or seemed foolish to commit to training in March and then 3 more weekends in the May - August time frame. I KNEW I'd be out of pocket for a month of the summer with the move. I decided to say no. It was HARD! It was GOOD. Now I know that this was a good decision. We are thrilled to move to Japan, but it makes it even more important that I focus on relationships with our older children.

Jared - Jared found himself falling behind in school. We had broken our "one activity per child" rule for what we believe were good reasons. He wrestled with the decision and finally decided to pull out of Civil Air Patrol and stay in House of Faith. Basketball is over. This has turned out to be a very good decision for him as he's been making great strides in catching up in school. We both learned valuable lessons and will work hard not to over commit in the future. We both have personalities that jump in 100% if we join something....we both are extroverts and like activity...but we need to focus...focus...focus.

Jamin - Jamin finished the bulk of his schooling the end of Feb. He planned to get a second job and continue to save for college and buy a new car. He decided to forgo the car and keep all the money for college. HARD choice - but good. He is working full time now....but decided not to take a second job so that he can be here to help Mike and Jared get our home ready for sale...and to insure that Mom gets plenty of Jamin time before the move. I love this choice.

Yep, there's been a lot going on and we've all been learning to let God order our priorities. We're also learning that sometimes God asks you to surrender and be willing to do something....then has you wait for the right season. I'm experiencing quite a bit of that in my ministry right now - some of it I understand and frankly, I'm still praying about quite a bit of it. It can become confusing. LOL

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


berrypatch said...

Thank you for sharing this, De'Etta. It's hard to find that right season but it's so true. I'm starting to look at my priorities in large part because of some of the things you've said here. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


It's wonderful to read of the growth you and yours are experiencing. This move seems major in more than one way. Once settled in Japan I believe you will have many opportunities to be still and know that He is...Mary moments...

Romany said...

Ugh! Sometimes it is hard to understand why God would not allow something obviously GOOD! LOL!

I'm sure you won't regret your decisions though.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Praying, Lisa. Thanks for the encouragement, Dorothy. Yes, Darshia....although honestly....I think there will be so much to see and experience that it may be just as hard to carve out Mary moments. I have lots of Mary moments at this assignment....I set it up that way. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I'm not sure that my thoughs came across - I AGREE that Mary moments are so needed....I have discovered that I have to carve them out wherever we are - because each locations provides lots of activitiy if I'm not on guard. LOL

I'm also learning that not all activity is bad....just have to listen carefully to hear which to pursue...for instance I've learned not to be in leadership in every group I join. ::snort::

Yvonne said...

De'Etta, God is showing me similar things...and I'm thankful that you've written about them here. It's a good thing to be affirmed in what I'm learning.


Anonymous said...

Sis: Honey Dad/I have been and will continue to pray a lot for you and yours. We know full well that God will use you among the women and folks you are around. We are already pray for you and Mike and your ministries. YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE AWESOME AND MAKE US SO PROUD! and, just think you use to stand at the living room window and cry cuz you were afraid to go out and play with frineds.. and your were just three. Love how the Lord has lead you and developed you.

You have no ides yet just how full our hearts are! Somestimes it even hurts but we are so proud.

love/prayers Dad/Mom T

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ah, Mom...God has done a good work in my life. I worry as Arielle is so shy but maybe I need to quit pestering her and let God do the same work in her life.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry I misunderstood you re: Mary moments. Some of your blog entries do reflect your Mary moments.

I'm going into a cluster of migraines so will be out of contact for a while.

Cynthia said...

Such tough decisions!