Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yes, we see the dentist every 6 months. HOWEVER, I've not been satisfied that the younger two were getting a good cleaning and exam at our dentist.

I wanted to be SURE they had a good cleaning and any work done before we move to Japan. This is normal. I do this before every move because it takes a bit of time to get your new docs, dentist, hair dressers etc. ::snort::

I decided to take Alex and Stacia in to Dr. S - the pediatric dentist who had done Zander's crowns. I don't know HOW this office gets the kids to compliantly go along with anything they ask ...but they do. ::snort::

Stacia was nervous but she cooperated and had her first cleaning AND her first x-rays. She'd done the "happy visit" every 6 months for the past two years. ::sigh:: Photobucket

"I'm a bit unsure about THIS."
Cool glasses make everything better.

Zander has sensory integration issues...along with the spectrum issues.... he was really challenged by this visit - but did WELL.

He sung - well, hummed - in time with the hygienist's work. I was in the next stall with Stacia and said, "Is that Zander?" Dr. S said, "Yes. A lot of our autistic patients will do that. He's calming himself down." He told me later he was NOT singing. Those were wounded sounds. ::snort::
They each had a cavity and we'll go back to get those fixed. I was glad to have taken them. They also told me that I need to get my tooth fixed before I move. Our dentist had said, "let's watch it". Over 1/2 the filling has fallen off and it's been that way since July. They said that our dentist should have retried a few years ago. He's retiring now and I've not made the appt. because I felt like I "should" go see him and yet, I'm uneasy.....and I didn't know if another dentist will take me knowing that I'm moving. They said to explain the military situation and to be sure to say that I'm one of Dr. X's patients and they'll take care of it for me. LOL
Got back out to the parking lot and found THIS....
I also made a lot of calls on Monday and we did a lot of school.
Zander spent most of the afternoon trying to rub the feel of the dentist and flouride out of his mouth. This kept me busy making sure he didn't harm himself.

Choosing Joy!
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casey said...

Argh! I hadn't thought about finding a new dentist when we move. I was just getting used to this one.

Linda said...

Oh, we have left the sliding door on the van open before - more than once!

becky.onelittle said...

I loved that dentist too when we were there! Now I've found a family dentist who will see us all, and the hygenists are sooo gentle, but my insurance changed in January and so I can't see them anymore :O(

berrypatch said...

Ah, yes, dentists. I really should blog about the experience we've had over the last two years between our insurance not paying them & the fight it took to GET them to pay. ::sigh:: Of course, it doesn't matter now - we no longer have any insurance as of March 1. And B has autistic tendencies & the dentist has been a HUGE struggle for him.

Anonymous said...

Alexander has come so far and is doing well with the dentist now. So good to read.

Great job for both Alexander and Stacia!

Our AJ (9) had to have an appt rescheduled because he refused to have his teeth cleaned because of the texture and taste of the toothpaste...we rescheduled, the dentist bought a special flavor just for him and it worked out...he still felt stress, but he stuck with it.

Cynthia said...

LOL about the car door!