Saturday, March 28, 2009

Garage Sales

We are contemplating a garage sale. There is not a Craig's List in our city. I checked.

Should we aim for next Saturday? Just Between Friends or Just Friends something is having their big sale on Saturday. Would that make it a bad day for a garage sale? Should I put it off another week?

I'd love ANY garage sale tips you pros have. I really don't like garage sales....I don't like my private life displayed in the yard. ::Snort:: We have camping things (stove, showers, potty, etc), sports things, homeschooling kits and books, weight set, bike trailer....enough that I don't want to simply donate it all to charity - which we usually do. WHY? Because we need $ for things like the move, home repairs, bringing children over to see us. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

Is the large yard sale located near your house?? If so, then it would be a good time for yours as most serious yardsale folks like to hit multiple big sales in one morning. Be sure to advertise in the paper esp listing large items. It's a pain but we made quite a few $$ when we did it in 2000 before our first overseas move.

Renee said...

Be sure to have lots of change and singles.
Be sure to price your items.
Have more than one person to man the sale - one to keep track of the money, one to answer questions/straighten/etc.
Be prepared for folks to show up before your starting time.

Michelle said...

Renee already gave you some great advice. Large, readable signs are very helpful too!

Janette said...

Signs to your house- clear with arrows
Price the items- but be reasonable. What would you pay at a thrift store? Brargin with people (something to get used to living overseas).
Have one person man the cash box. Carry a marker to change prices "on the floor".
Call the donation place and have them pick up the rest the next day.
Put books on a piece of wood between two saw horses (or whatever). They sell better out of a box and off the ground.
Don't forget to put a sign up on post-housing office, barracks, commersary.
Have coffee and baked goods if possible. People will often spend more for those! Kids manning that type of thing- it even sells better!
Enjoy the day and good luck!

Cynthia said...

So. Did you have the sale?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Not yet. LOL I think we're going to do it the week AFTER the big sale in town. I think.

whatexackley said...

I know I would love to see a list of homeschooling items hit the SHS list!! I love online shopping!!
Lis in NY

Anonymous said...

Sis: Wonderful advice above. Only think I have found good to do is price just a bit higher than you really want......... you know the ole' bargain idea. Last sale we had at our place was a combined one raising funds for a church project..... made over $3,000.

Believe me, after a big garage sale a person is so tired of the stuff that you are more than glad to have it all picked up by some charity.

Let us know and we will pray hard that day that you have a super good sale.

Praying for the pink eye thing.
love/prayers Mom T.