Monday, March 30, 2009

Have You Heard?

We're Moving! And this is a post about STACIA'S MOVING BOOK!!

I have been kicking around an idea for a moving book but didn't find quite what I wanted at my normal free lapbook sites. We set out to make our own. I'm quite proud of this because...we found our own clip art, we made our own plan of what we wanted to include and I LET STACIA DO MUCH OF IT HERSELF!!!! For those who know of my aversion to mess and imperfection this signals God has done a great work in my heart. Honest.


I started by having Arielle take photos of the thing that everyone most wanted to be sure was packed for our upcoming move. I printed the photos out and laminated them.


Pretty representative: bookshelf, dolls, play kitchen, laptop, dinosaur collection, action figures, kayak...
Front cover - Stacia's moving on a plane...and there is also a map which shows our projected road trip.


We have a middle extension....this side has 4 monthly calendars that I printed at 50% normal from Organized Home. The hearts in May are Arielle's birthday/Jamin's Graduation. The circled date in June is when we expect to leave TX. The X in July is our report NLT date.


The other side shows a map of Japan and has a pocket for stickers. Stacia will either X each day or place a sticker on each day until we leave San Angelo, get on the plane etc. I think I need to go buy some smaller stickers to fit the calendars.


This is the open spread. The boxes, truck, boat and Misawa sign are all pockets. Note that Stacia cut up and glued the map on the right hand side "all by herself". She also pasted all sorts of red things with black writing all over in the book. She's proud.


We've talked about the move all afternoon. She's enjoyed moving the "things" from the "toy box" (which had to be improvised after she colored the top left hand toy box) through the various stages of the move. Here are our favorite things. First they'll go into a box. (Hmmm, I should probably get some photos of movers.)


Then they'll go into the truck.


Then our things will go on to a boat....


Then they'll arrive in Misawa. (Hmmm, I should add boxes at this end to unpack).


These last four photos are not accurate. That "laptop" used in the photos will never go into a box. It will go into a carry on, into the trailer and then on to the plane. ::snort:: We are not sure WHAT to do about Jared's kayak.
As Stacia and I worked on this this afternoon I realized how often I run to Office Depot for laminating stuff, folders, brads, colored paper....and realize I'm going to have to be much more organized based on comments I received from my question on Misawa Home Educators about office supplies. ::snort::

Liz A (Woot! A reader from Misawa) - click here (link is in sidebar too) for a handout I made of my favorite lapbook links. Homeschool Share - has lots of great, free, lapbooks to "prime the pump". You can find lapbooks that go along with children's books or topics...we used them for our Knight Books and our Viking Books earlier in the year. Stacia came up with her first lapbook all on her own.
You can see more of our lapbooks at Our Lapbooks Page.
Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...


Oh Yes! You have done amazingly well in allowing this little gal do things at such an early age and endure the mess etc and the JOY of her doing.

Stacia: You moving book is so super neat! What a big girl you are! What a wonderful book. You did such a good job. G'Pa/G'Ma are so proud of you.

love/prayers Mom T and 2G's T

Darshia said...

That is a really cool book! Laminating the pictures so she can keep using it is marvelous! Really, really neat and wonderfully organized! Can you tell I like it?

Almost makes me wish mine were younger and we still had PCS's ahead of us to make a book like that.

Romany said...

Ah, what fun!

Good to know that your moving truck will be pink! {vbg}

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL....rather shocking isn't it, Dorothy? ::snort::

I wanted this to be one that she could look at and play with...the scribbled art work nearly killed me but I wanted it to be HER book and to help her process the move...I think we did it.

Renee said...

I must say this book is a MUST buy for Zander:

we got this book many moves ago and read it every time... it's great

Renee said...

Drats, the link didn't come through properly. The must have book is:

Alexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear me? I Mean It!) Going to Move

Cynthia said...

That's a REALLY CUTE lapbook.

Linda said...

What a neat lapbook! I'm living vicariously through you and your lapbooks, DeEtta! :)

Christy said...

What a great project!! I am behind reading you, not a great commenter :X but Japan! Praying for you guys!!!

Kim said...

I really really really like this book! I will have to try to do something like it for Jun before big trips/changes/moves. What a great idea!

Deja said...

This is really great. With all that you have to get done for this move, I LOVE that you are taking the time to help Stacia process the change.

Robin said...

What a great way to "show" Stacia what the move will be like.

Cool idea!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Stacia's moving book-this is so cute!