Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Thoughts -

I often "think on the blog"....therefore, you often get partial thoughts or things I'm working through and not completely formed thoughts. I think that is fine - and I'll explain why a bit later. Sometimes I even share something that I've worked THROUGH after the fact so that it is recorded.... Expect more of that because Mike wants to have the blog printed for a family record....and if *I'M* leaving a family record I want it to be REAL so that my daughters and granddaughters aren't trying to live up to some sort of bloggy-idealized-homemaker image. ::snort:: There you have it. THIS blog is a family's written about family, for family, by family....and I don't want to be overly worried of the reputation we may have with blog readers that I negate the benefit it may be to my children or grandchildren....who some day may face the very same challenges I face. While *I* share my warts and all; I never share the warts of family members and friends without their permission.

That's number one.....just a thought that has been rattling around as I am often asked WHY I share the warts along with the pretties.

Number 2 - this "space thing" in our new home... I was praying about it this a.m. I'm NOT overly materialistic. I don't have a lot of "things"....but we have a ton of books and such.....downsizing is usually fun for me.

I realized what is bothering me about the size of the place we are moving to is not getting rid of things's really the closeness of neighbors sharing walls on either side. It's hard for me to relax when I know that neighbors can hear every little word we say. We've lived like this before. I didn't enjoy it. I always felt that I needed to give large families, homeschoolers and Christians a good name by every action throughout the day. KWIM? SO.....downsizing we do with each move. We are a large family and have learned that we don't want to rob the kids of everything they love with each move. We tend to get rid of big things like washers they can keep toys and books. Downsizing is something we do every 3 years anyway......the thing about the space is the lack of room to roam, to play, to be loud without infringing on the rights of others to have quiet. ::snort:: This too will work out...but now I have pinpointed what is bothering me about it and I can work on THAT. LOL

Time to run to piano!

Choosing Joy!
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Wild Homeschool Family said...

The closeness of neighbors would bother me too. I think we live in less than 1500 for 6 of us and many pets but there are no neighbors right nearby. maybe where it is apartments there will be a certain amount of soundproofing?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I don't know, Jodi.

Yep, it's having neighbors right there....I mean I don't yell at the kids any longer...but they are plenty loud...and if we don't have a yard for them to play it seems that they SHOULD be able to have fun inside. LOL I started working with the little boys you can't be throwing things like that what if someone else had their room on the other side of that wall... ::snort::

Cynthia said...

That would bug me, too. We lived in an apartment for a year one time and it nearly drove me crazy keeping the music/tv low, making sure our little one didn't cry at night to the point of getting into bad sleep habits because we couldn't let her cry for very long, etc.... I sure can sympathesize with you about neighbors. No neighbors is really one of just a few reasons why we haven't moved to town.

Romany said...

Your blog doesn't seem like a 'warts and all' blog to me! It's amazing that you apparently get so many critical comments about how you write your blog!

My blog is pretty much ALL warts and no one complains to me, thank goodness! {g} I don't know what I'd do if they did. Make it a private blog and exclude the complainer, probably! LOL!

I think we have the right to do whatever we like with family blogs. Even if people occasionally misunderstand what we are saying. I'm sure that happens to me a LOT! But it doesn't matter.

Renee said...

We didn't have any problems with noise in Korea. The apts there were built solid and we never heard our neigbhbors and they never complained about us (we did live on an end unit). All the kids played outside on post and noise was a part of that... there was only one nasty person (married with no kids) that got ticked off if the kids even walked near his car. He went so far as to set up a video camera... he was reported and the kids never got in trouble with the MP for anything for which he complained. We had playgrounds on post and the kids spent lots of hours there. The kids also played jumprope, hopscotch etc in the parking lot; it was accepted and expected by all (except the grumpy dude)

Wild Homeschool Family said...

I hope they are solid as Renee mentions. I just can't imagine taming joyful bundles of energy little boys to that extent. You may well need to leave the nerf stuff home otherwise. LOL thinking of boy play at my house here too!

Debbie said...

De'Etta, I have only lived in an apartment once in my life and I is a tough one and I didn't have children then. So many challenges for you and your family. You know I am praying.