Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Thoughts on Japan

The kids and I are reading library books, watching documentaries and surfing are some of our random discoveries from today:

  • It is RUDE to tip in Japan. (De'Etta tips 20%; Mike is thrilled to hear this piece of culture).
  • Kim tells me that she pays $4 for 3 apples in Tokyo - but they're bigger than we get here.
  • Kim told us that honeydews go for $100 (first she said watermelon and that was truly alarming).
  • It is 5,978 miles from Josiah's apartment to Misawa.
  • It is 4,487 miles from EBC to Misawa.
  • It was 6,915 miles from EBC to Davao City, Philippines.
  • This is the first "Homeschooling in Japan" website I found...I haven't a clue what it says but it makes me smile BIG to stare at it. We are very excited for this Asian Adventure!

Oh, oh. Zander just asked Mike, "Dad, will I ever see Everson again after we go to Japan?" I better go...

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Cynthia said...

((((hugs)))).... Have you stocked up on kleenex?

Deja said...

Ummm he will see Everson...because you'll have to come back and visit Cy...and us ;-)

Kristine said...

Thank goodness for those girls who live in Washington State. If they send you apples, your littles can go out and sell them. I'm thinking of Trevor's endless Singapore word problems:

Q. Nolan buys 20 lbs. of apples for $20. 2 lbs. are rotten, so he throws them away. If he sells the remaining apples at 3 lbs. for $10, how much money will he make?

A. Enough to buy a lot of futons.