Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Misawa Fact - SNOW

Snow? Jared wants snow???? {Me thinks he's forgotten what it is like to have to shovel snow before 8 in the morning.... ::snort:: Does he remember his two older brothers will not be on shovel duty with him? ::snort:: }

Typical snow flurry Misawa Japan Pictures, Images and Photos

The first snowfall in Misawa is usually near 7 November.

The last snowfall in Misawa is usually around 15 April.

{Jared's response: I'm thinking sledding, snow boarding...I'll be buff .}

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

:):):) I'm with Jared. Dad however is going to have to much metal in him to want to be to cold. :):):) Can't be colder than Alaska can it?

You and Nathaniel/Heather are sure going to be in very cold places.

love/prayers Mom T

Romany said...

That sounds similar to Toronto! We had wonderful summers too. Are the summers in Misawa reliably warm?

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Sounds like Jared is willing to take the good with the bad about snow!

Renee said...

and don't forget shoveling unless the AF is different and pays someone to shovel in front of bldgs. In Germany (and Korea) we were required to shovel sidewalks in front of our bldg

berrypatch said...

The first few storms will be fun. Tell us what happens around late March or early April if the snow keeps coming. I'm praying our snow is done. There is nothing worse than a late season storm to spoil my spring fever - seriously. ;-)