Monday, March 16, 2009


Went to a PCS briefing today. I sat and listened as they said, "this will take 2 - 4 months", "this will take 6 months"....and wondered who thought it would be good to give us 2 months to do what they think will take 6. LOL

We met the United truck tonight....sorted and delivered food. I have a lead on wheat berries in Japan. I can hope....otherwise I'm sure to learn how to make whole rice bread. LOL

I found a dentist who is having pity on my situation and will get me in as soon as possible to check my tooth....hopefully it will only need a crown and not a root canal. Our dentist has been watching it since July....not sure why....he's retiring next month. I was advised to get it fixed before we went overseas and to find a different dentist to do it.

I am STILL trying to track down Jared's passport which was sent off over a month ago when he applied for a tourist visa.....

Arielle did couch school with the boys. What a lifesaver!

More photos tomorrow. I can't stay up any later....tomorrow is another full day!

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

a PCS briefing for spouses? Wow, we've pcs'd umpteen times (including overseas 3x) and I never went to one --- not even sure if the Army ever offered such a thing.