Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can we PLEASE go get shots?


Zander is convinced that his shots are not going to sting because he's spent the week praying to God about this. The older 3 got shots yesterday, but immunization won't do children under 10 and peds wasn't open.

Zander has maneuvered a trip to the bowling alley after shots...OUCH - WHY????? and so he's pestering me to go get shots today.

I need to keep focused on garage sale.....and making signs for tonight's TEA party....but we're going to go get shots and go bowling. ::snort::

Will my child ever trust me again after this? I haven't said it won't hurt. This will be Stacia's first "conscious shots" - it's time. Mike will be there...and when HE tells them we don't want X shot - they listen. They tell ME that my wishes are illegal. ::snort:: I think it's the menacing eyebrow.... Yes, we are responsible adults. We chose not to immunize Stacia when she was young because she had a reaction to one shot and we worried about autism. The base pediatrician suggested we wait until she was 2 or 3 to give her further shots...she's 3 1/2 now. However, I KNOW they will need Mike to hold her down...she doesn't take things she doesn't like passively. Wonder WHERE she got that trait? ::snort::

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Renee said...

Oh drats! I wish I had realized what you were doing. That's pretty standard in the military that a child must be seen by a doc before they'll do shots...

Renee said...

I don't think it will matter for Japan but it is possible the AF could refuse to let you PCS overseas if they think your children will be at a higher risk without immunizations.
Hoping those you refuse are not health concerns in Japan

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

She's already cleared. Of course, we've checked to be sure she isn't at risk in Japan.

I wrote another entry about why we hadn't given her shots....

Renee said...

I never thought you were putting your child at risk. But docs have a different outlook than moms do. And the military sometimes has funny rules about going overseas...glad ya'll got clearance; now to get actual orders in hand....wooo hoooo, the adventure continues

Anonymous said...

Sis: Tea Party in Springfield was at the main post office by the Gateway Mall. Dad said tons of people and he even had to get out of his car to cool off one man in a car who got hit by one man's sign. Awesome to see how the response has been all around the States.'

l/p Mom T