Friday, April 24, 2009


This week has been full.

Mike and I were not home before 10 p.m. any night this week. Jared and Arielle did a GREAT job holding the fort down. My kids ROCK!

I attended more dinners with Mike this week than I may have in a year. ::snort:: I'm not really an official dinner sort of person....but I wanted to show full support for this. It was important. I think I got over some of my fear of fancy dinners with people I don't know too. We shall see. ::snort:: I KNOW I ate more this week than I have in a month. We had dinners with the local Jewish community, with the ASU President (what a HOME!!!), with the Chiefs, with chapel staff...Mike had breakfasts and lunches with Hebrew Linguists, commanders - well you get the idea. Evidently there is a LOT of food involved in official hosting duties. ::snort:: There is also a lot more dressing up than I do in a typical week. ::snort::

I attended 5 sessions where I was privileged to listen to Wanda and Walter share their first hand experiences during the Holocaust. I have more thoughts to share that were generated in the sessions. I know that my new friends will continue to reside in my thoughts, heart, and prayers. I have attended these events for the past 3 years. I've always KNOWN the sessions were an amazing opportunity afforded by base leadership to witness history...but hosting our guests this week, interacting on a personal level with them, made the horror of the Holocaust much more personal and real for me. I saw, through their eyes, the importance of the American military and the need for vigilance in protecting the freedoms that we enjoy in America.


I attended Yom Hashua - I'll write a separate post about that.

Jamin and Jared were able to hear Walter's story. He was almost 15 when he was sent to a German Labor Camp. He was blessed to find his way to his brother at a camp. His brother died 6 weeks before they were liberated. I know that they'll remember Walter when they are faced with situations in life that require courage and strength and humor. The love of the brothers spoke to my mommy heart.

We found time to enjoy some of the local area. I took the younger four to meet and visit with Walter and Wanda, but didn't take them to a session.


We made two trips to the airport this week...this a.m. to say goodbye.

Choosing Joy!
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