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Passover Lapbook

Woot! We did it! Arielle and I did a lot of this one, Nolan helped this afternoon. That's fine. I'll use it tomorrow to review the significance of Passover with the younger ones before we enjoy a Seder with friends. We've been reading a lot of library books on Passover, but none of them have brought out the Messianic significance of the celebration. We have been mostly reading NT passages in family circle, but we make the connections often.

We chose to make this lapbook into a "book," rather than a folder with extensions. Nolan likes this best and we will be able to add as many pages in the future. It closes easier too and no pieces fall upside down when the extensions are flipped over. I suppose YOURS don't do that because you plan them out better than I. ::snort:: Are you surprised that I didn't get ALL the mini-books made that we'd considered? If you are interested in making lapbooks that are "books" click here.

I did purchase Hands of a Child's Passover Lapbook. I wanted all the info I needed in one spot...and I wasn't sure how much time we'd have to work on lapbooks in March. (It turns out we weren't packing so we had plenty of time to plan our own book. LOL) We only used 6 of the 15 mini-books in the kit. The Four Seder Questions, The Seder Table, Searching for Chametz and The Haggadah on these pages are all from Hands of a Child.

I DID want to try their new "type in" kits. It was NICE to be able to use them for the vocabulary and the 4 question books. I can see where it would be good if the child was doing the keyboarding themselves or were dictating. However, I use our lapbooking for the children's handwriting, so I doubt I'll do much with this feature in the future. Arielle is learning keyboarding so it would be fine for her.


I was disappointed that this kit had no booklets integrating the Old Testament or Jesus with Passover. I really almost wonder if it is meant to be from a strictly Jewish perspective. We made The Messiah in Passover and Passover in the Bible booklets, by copying pages from A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays and folding. I was really proud of us for figuring out how to make The Messiah book work after the title was inadvertently written upside down. ::snort::


The Kadesh is from HOAC. We made the Seder Plate. There was one in the pack but I couldn't figure it out. ::snort:: I wanted to try a wheel and this seemed like a natural. I found the coloring sheet of the Seder plate at Torah Tots and enlarged it 129%. We used photos of the symbols and descriptions from HOAC to go on the bottom wheel. I attached it all the way through the folder and covered the other side with the wine cup. As you turn the wheel you see a new item from the Seder Plate. I WILL laminate the top next time - or use card stock.


The Vocabulary words come from HOAC. There are a LOT of vocab words and I was thrilled to be able to copy and paste from the activity pack into the activity. ::grin:: I wanted a booklet on the Afikoman and the 4 Cups. These weren't in the HOAC kit so we made them. We took all the clip art and the wine cup from Torah Tots. The wine cup is a pocket. I made 4 broken matzah with the names of the cups etc to go in there. The Ten Plagues booklet from HOAC was a small fan book. I wanted to be able to write the significance of each plague and how it tied in to the Egyptian worship of gods. We found darling coloring sheets at Torah Tots. I printed them at 30% and Arielle folded them into little books. Easy peasy and cute...don't you think? I have big sheets that match for Stacia to color. I did find it interesting that HOAC and the Jewish sites all list the 5th plague as "wild beasts," whereas Exodus lists it as "flies". I'll have to do some more research before next year. LOL


The front and back covers are also coloring sheets from Torah Tots.



All in all I'm happy with the kit I purchased. It WAS nice to have info in one spot....I did enjoy typing up the many vocab words. There were many booklets we didn't, Seder menus, Seder Timeline etc...... but there were many things missing that I wanted to cover... The great thing is that I can add those other things in other years.

I had hoped to print out a page of photos from our 2008 Seder for this book, but it didn't happen. I planned to print them as wallet size photos....I saw that on a blog when I was searching for resources.

I AM happy with the way this turned out. I love the graphics from Torah Tots. I like the colors. I liked pulling in the info from A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays (like to feel like the book is earning its spot on the shelf. ::snort::). This endeavor has given me much more confidence to plan and execute our own Lapbooks.

You can see more of our lapbooks at Our Lapbooks Page. I previously posted Passover Resources.

Choosing Joy!
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That came out very good! You've become a lapbooking pro!!

We are STILL working on our Pirates lapbook. The kids noticed that news with modern day pirates. We decided to add a section about modern pirates to our lapbook. It helps us remember that real Pirates aren't like the funny or daring fictional ones in childrens movies and books.

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Gorgeous! And what a worthy topic. The header pic is wonderful too.

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Ah - and Jodi - it all started by reading your blog a few years ago! ::snort::

Thanks, Cindy and Jimmie.

Jodi, I wondered if you'd incorporate the news into your pirate book.

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Thanks, Sarah.