Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Now - the "daily recap".

The black stuff from Pennsylvania worked wonders on Arielle's finger. I'm using it today to get the last bit. WooHOO!

I got rid of gray again today. I love visiting with my young friend, Heather. She wants to keep in touch. I'll see her one more time before we move. I found her after my very nice hair dresser had destroyed my hair. Heather warned me to be sure that my hair isn't over-processed in Japan. ::snort:: She said that they use stronger stuff on their hair.

We talked about her upcoming wedding today. I loved it. I listened to her talk about her mother and her making invitations, going dress shopping, taking bride's maids out, planning menus.....

On the way home a song was playing on KLove by Third Day. “It’s the child on her wedding day…the father that gives her away….”

I remembered a friend sharing that she was overseas when her daughter was planning her wedding. What I knew in my head, hit me in my heart….I may not be an intimate part of planning the girls’ weddings…you know…shopping, trying on dresses……and I cried and I think that makes me too psycho to blog about this ::snorifft:: but I am determined to be real....and that is real for today. The woman who grew up to say goodbye with no tears....cried as I thought of what I might miss in the next 3 years...and there is no clue that I will.

I gave myself the lecture “Don’t worry about tomorrow, today has enough worries of its own”…..but it didn’t stop the tears.

We worked on our lapbook.

This made my day.....


He got off early from work and came to visit. College is cancelled tomorrow and so we're going to play games...and Mike may make it home in time to be surprised too. ::grin::

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Cynthia said...

(((HUGS))). I remember we spoke of this the other day. You're right... one day at a time!

Anonymous said...


Love you Sis and wish we could hold you and give you some big hugs. HOWEVER even tho your thoughts could be true I have a sneakin suspicion that the closeness of your family will end up with weddings being planned in such a way that you will be a part of the planning and get to be at all of them. Your family is close and besides we will all always pray that things like this work our for you folks. You and Mike set a good example of kids taking into consideration parents when it came to weddings etcl

enough preaching. Honey we love you and are sending some big hugs and kisses your way. love/prayers Dad/Mom T

Renee said...

Keep your ears open for a spouse that is a hairdresser. We found one in Germany and I preferred that to the girls that worked in the Px shop and didn't speak very good English.
Of course legally, you can't pay them for the haircut... but they can gift you a haircut and then you gift them as well

Darshia said...

So glad Arielle's finger is healing.

I agree w/your Mom...your family is close and a way would be found to include you for those special moments.

Fun that Josiah made it over to bless your hearts.

You and Mike raise good children!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Y'all are great. I KNOW that it will work out - but it's the mommy heart again....and I've not stayed in that spot,I've moved on.

Anonymous said...


Love/prayers Dad/Mom T

Janette said...

Remember that you have great access to MAC flights!!! Since you homeschool- that makes the travel all the easier to the west coast. My dd got engaged in Monterey and married here. It was fun no matter what! The internet is HUGE!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Janette, due to Pentagon budget cuts MAC flights in and out of Misawa have been discontinued...or so we've been told numerous times. I do think you can still go in and out of Tokyo. You are right - the internet is huge.