Saturday, April 04, 2009

Trampoline Giveaway

Free to good home (local, we won't ship THIS international. ::snort::)

Josiah, Jamin and Jared bought this trampoline Christmas of 06 for the younger ones. That was the year Mike was in the desert over Christmas. (Can you hear the strains of Memories....misty water colored memories....). We LOVE the trampoline. The kids have a blast on it. We can't move it to Japan.

OK - 3 or 4 of the springs are off. The mat is otherwise in good shape. The frame is good shape. We haven't a clue why the springs tear out. We've sewn them back on, but won't do that again before our garage sale. We've saved the springs and they can be sewn back on. It doesn't have a little guard thingy.....and the wind shredded the cushioned padding that goes around the springs....

If you are interested and willing to come get it, email or call. You can see a photo of it here. We're taking it down this week as we have sod coming in next week. BTW, if any of you want to come on over and help lay sod..... Oh, and feel free to forward this link or email your local friends about the trampoline.

{For those family members who are wondering why I haven't posted the "day in a life" type posts for a couple of days....we're FINE....just busy...but I'll update tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I am a bit weepy as I realize goodbyes are coming...but I'm holding it together. I think I need to quit working on photo albums. ::sniff:: }

Choosing Joy!
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Cynthia said...

((HUGS)).... It must be so hard to be giving away or finding places for your family treasures and gifts. Photo albums would make one teary eyed anyway, but on top of everything else you have going on I can only imagine how difficult it is!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Isn't it silly? We also have to sell the swing set that Josiah, Bre, Krista and Jamin bought for Arielle, Nolan, and Zander (Stacia wasn't born). It's been in storage as we don't have room for it here....but it's sad to give away something that symbolized so many family relationships and memories.

However - we'd rather give to someone we know or sell in a garage sale than take it to the dump. LOL