Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Super Size Saturday Schedule

I have decided to do some "backwards" SSS until this move is a bit more underway. This will make hosting SSS easier. If time is short I can simply post the topic and a Mr. Linky on Saturdays. It is also easier for YOU because it gives you a "writing prompt". ::snort:: It also lets you know which weeks you'll be sure to want to check back for links to entries on a topics that interest you. Remember, write a post (or find a post in your archives) on the topic and then come back and link it to that week's SSS post. WHY would you want to link? Because readers will then follow the link to your blog to see what you have to share on the topic. Eventually, I'll have the link to me button ready to go and you can help get the word out by hosting the button on your sidebar....until then please do feel free to use the graphic and link it back to the "guidelines" page.....let people on your blog know you've posted here and that they can read more on the topic here.

9 May - Tips for road trips with children - What has worked really well for you? What doesn't work well at all? What did you hear about that you thought might be a good idea?

16 May - Favorite Family Games - games for all ages....

23 May - Birthdays - Share how your family celebrates birthdays, tips for affordable parties, gifts, gifts to take to parties, charity parties etc. (Arielle's birthday is 23 May).

30 May - "Mom, I'm bored!" Share how you handle this phrase.....discuss your plans for summertime or any thing that you can tie in.

6 June - Favorite Family Vacation/Staycation Share your best tips for planning, saving, picking a vacation spot. Share your favorite family getaways. Obviously, a couple with no kids may take a different type of vacation than I, but I bet if you shared tips, what you learned, how you packed etc....there would be something that my family could glean. Large do you keep vacations affordable and enjoyable? Write about anything to do with Vacations or Staycations.

13 June - Summertime Reading What do you plan to read? What are your children reading?What books do you recommend? Do you have a family summertime reading program? Feel free to share anything to do with books/reading.

20 June - Flying with Children - Give me your best tips!

27 June - "Don't you KNOW what causes THAT?" Share your best stories, comments and comebacks. C'mon, I KNOW I'm not the only one who gets these comments.

4 July - Independence Day - What does the holiday mean to you? What does freedom mean to you? How do you celebrate? What are your plans for this year? What are your favorite fireworks? Write whatever comes to mind and ties in with the 4th of July.

Is there a topic on which YOU would like to hear a variety of opinions? Leave your topic suggestions or questions - writing prompts - in the comment section.

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Anonymous said...

This'll be fun.
Let me get the word out.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks, Mel.

Chastains said...

Melinda sent me this link. I am not sure how to link or what to link to. I am guessing I meet the qualifications. This is for Large families, right?

Judy Dudich said...

So nice to see the photos of your joyful birthday and graduation celebrations!
My entry for SSS, May 23, 2009 can be found here:
I pray that all your family remain healthy and that you reach your new home safe and sound!

Judy Dudich said...


Thanks for this great SSS idea!
We happened to have just finished a staycation!
You can read about it here:

Judy Dudich said...

My entry for June 27 is here:
I'm not sure if leaving my link here is the proper place...?