Thursday, June 04, 2009

Day 1 - San Angelo - Amarillo Revisited

You need to know that this trip we are counting white pick up trucks. There were 562 yesterday. Josiah's guess was closest at 501. ::snort:: We'll all guess higher today.

Mike grew up camping in the mountains by Westcliffe, Colorado. Last summer we all met there and the older ones hiked to the top of a mountain and explored Marble Caves....dates from Spanish Conquistadors..... Jared has asked that we spen a day there. Today we head to Westcliffe. We will spend tomorrow there...and then journey on to Colorado Springs. While Mike and some of the kidds climb the mountain, I'll keep Stacia occupied, do laundry and maybe head into to the tourist shops (wifi) in Westcliffe....but don't be alarmed if I don't post until the 6th.

I'm uploading more photos from our Road Trip/Senior Trip....

Choosing Joy!
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Julie Zesch said...

Sounds like the trip is well underway. Keep us posted. Keeping you in our prayers. Enjoy the hike.

Anonymous said...

HI All:

A lot more fun traveling I suppose than dealing with the stress of getting out of SanAngelo and all that entailed.


Anyway sounds like you are going to enjoy the trip. Idaho here we come. Sure you will have a great visit there.

Agsin, just know we are thinking of you all the way, praying for you all day and definitely loving you totally. that also includes those in Texas yet and the one in Washington!

love/prayers Mom T