Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Exciting Update

I love how God is leading me through this unknown maze a step at a time. I was worried...but He has repeatedly showed me that I'm not to shrink back, I'm not to fear, I'm to walk in confidence.... There's a reason this has all happened....and I believe there are good things happening somewhere because of all this. Seeds are being planted. There will be a harvest. He loves me, he led me to the "wilderness" (which is fairly cushy as wilderness' go ::snort::), and this valley of trouble is a door of hope.

An example...yesterday I began to wonder if I needed to quit knocking on doors and in my reading of the Word (in a new Bible - no well worn passages to pop out) I kept hearing "Knock, seek, don't shrink back". I kept pushing and discovered where the lost birth certificates were and what needed to be done 30 min before McChord closed for the day.

Today, the kids and I worried that it would be "safer" for me to drive up and retrieve the certificates than to depend on Sgt. A Reading this a.m. I came across "cease striving and KNOW that I am God". So I tried to leave it alone. 2 hours later Sgt. A called to report that he has the certificates in hand.

Sgt. A also remembered that he'd forgot to tell me I need a copy of our marriage license. I'll go get that this afternoon - I hope it is that simple and they don't need a birth certificate - which is at McChord. ::snort::

We're waiting for Stacia's certificate and the marriage license and then the military passports can be applied for. We're researching and praying about an alternate option - flying as tourists. McChord continues to tell me it will be 6- 8 weeks. I'm beginning to wonder if it will be two weeks. We shall see.

I was able to have 2 of our 4 stolen prescriptions filled. I need to go pick them up, find a marriage license and maybe go to the lake...or library. Arielle has read all the books given to her as goodbye gifts, as birthday gifts and the ones Jamin left her. ::snort:: I may help Krista paint...or I may avoid the project.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Deja said...

Do you need me to go downtown and pick up a copy of Miss Stacia's birth certificate? I can do that, you know ;-) Glad to hear that the "new" Bible is speaking to you...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

TGC won't let anyone but a family member pick them up. They will let Josiah or Jamin IF they have a notrized request.....or I would have called you long before now, dear friend.