Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick blurb

We found wifi out by I can check email and skype. It was fun to finally reach the girls, my parents and Mom and Dad G. I can't do it often but it beats a 25 min drive to TRY to reach folks....I've discovered that the hours that work for driving to base are the hours that most are sleeping.

We kept working on the house yesterday....and went to the beach.

They began harvesting the rice fields across from us. We're very interested in the process...and taking photos....I'll blog when I can upload photos.

Neighbors have been told it will be December until we have phone or internet....

Choosing Joy!
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Mom's Place said...

Oh goodness De'Etta! That's a long time!!! Can't wait to see pics of the rice fields!

Kristine said...

(...muttering, "Where's that 'LIKE' button on blogger?"...)

Renee said...

I wonder if it's because the lines aren't in the neighborhood. Even here in the US, we were not able to get cable last summer - our only option was satellite. Of course just days after getting the dish, the cable company informed us they were putting in the lines... sigh

Darshia said...

So glad you reached your stateside family members.

Janette said...

Just two more months:>) Gotta love those overseas move. We felt like we had reached another world- but if they sent someone to Mars- there will be better communication home!

Anonymous said...


We sure enjoyed you calling also. Just makes a parent feel so comfortable and complete to hear from kids so far away. We'll take being in contact with you all anyway we can get it.

Looking forward to hearing about the rice harvesting. Wonder if they will be more modern than what it was like in Surigao del Sur and Mindanao in general? I always felt so sorry for the workers as it looked so back breaking.

Will pray that the harvest will bother none of you when it comes to allergies etc.

I must be getting old.... went to bed last night at 4:30 pm and just got up. Nice to have slept so long. :):):)

love/prayers --- Mom T.