Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's Adventure

On base AGAIN and must get home.

I needed to check email and will send a quick blog post.

Had a dr appt today. I think I'm going to like our doc. He's a Mormon and LISTENED to me. I will have bunch of labs done when I get home from Hawaii. It appears that many of my strange symptoms could be the diabetes back again...We shall see. I also had my first EKG. MUCH better than a mammogram, that. They said that things are fine. I'll see the doc again in a month. He had lots to say about lots of things...and now we have lots to consider and pray about. ::snort::

THEN I had my beauty adventure. I knew it was time to do something about my hair and my eyebrows.

Hair - I'm going to go gray...but the blonde highlights and the brunette/gray was driving me nuts. I decided to go back to my "original" and then let the gray grow in from there. SO....I went to a local shop I'd heard about. As they applied the color I remember being warned NOT to let them color my hair...but all is well. They are so NICE and relaxing and It took 20 minutes to wash my hair and the massage was oh so nice. My hair is dark...but it's the lightest of the two that they said were my "original".

Eyebrows....when she came at me with scissors and a razor I decided we'd had enough cultural exchange for the day. ::snort:: She said, "De'Ettasan, waxing hurts!"

I stopped at the BX and got my eyebrows waxed...but she used scissors and a razor too...and she kept apologizing for the pain of waxing. ::snort::

Now - time to run home and pack. I really do need to find all my paperwork and pack for Hawaii.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...


Sounds like a nice day in parts. Hope the big "D" is not back. So far mine is doing fine with my form of diet control. We are getting better all the time. :):):)

Sorry to hear about the Dr. stuff. Keep us informed please.

Bet you are in high gear and excited getting ready to head to Hawaii. Will be praying a lot for you.

love/prayers -- your behind Mom T.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

What... no picture ;-)

Have a wonderful time in Hawaii :0)


Janette said...

I totally missed you are headed for Hawaii! Say hello to Manoa falls for me- the best hike on the island (and short as well).
I wish I could meet up with you there!!!

Janette said...

PS- if you didn't know the Navy has the BEST BX in the world! That is the one to go to for just about anything. It also has a post office in the same building.
If you need directions- let me know!

Cynthia said...

Scissors and a razor for your EYEBROWS? Never heard of such a thing. Going gray? More power to you. I'm 3/4 gray, but not ready to let the secret out yet.....

Anonymous said...

wish my hair was "white gray" and not the kind it is. l/p Mom T.