Saturday, December 19, 2009


Stacia was amazed at the snow this a.m. She asked, "Daddy, can we DRIVE on this?" I remembered anew that she was born in TX and this Northern winter is new to her.
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Anonymous said...


Your 2G's T. want you to go out and make a couple of snowballs for us and throw them at something fun.... better yet..... make a snowman.

We wish we had snow here because at least that would be a good reason for it being cold & damp. :):):)

love you a bunch and praying for you too. --- G'Pa & G'Ma T.

Cynthia said...

What fun to watch her learn about winter first hand.

Darshia said...

As beautiful as AK. We had lots of fog that coated the trees w/frost, then snow on top of the frost...all is postcard perfect...well, the temp is chilly, but that's winter! 5 degrees right now.