Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Jr Day

Mike had MLK Day off. I had forgotten he even HAD a 3 day weekend coming until we didn't go to church on Sunday. I kept wondering why the roads were bothering him enough to stay home. I finally got a clue. The chaplains here rotate on 3 day weekends. They take turns doing all 3 services, so that the other chaplains can have a true 3 day weekend. This sounds like a small thing, but it's the first time in 15 years of military service that we've really benefited from 3 day weekends. Usually, we can't go out of town etc because there is a sermon to finish prepping and a sermon to preach on Sunday. Good on Chapel Team Misawa for taking care of their troops.

Jared wanted to start school. We left him. We had planned to pick up some sleds at Sanwado (none there) or Homac (none there), grab lunch and go to the sledding hill on base. The BX said they've not received sleds yet. We tried Sundays on the way home. They were out of sleds too....but they DID have a big red "snow mover". Mike bought one (they are $45) and we used it to move snow and to sled.

Yeah, when we got home, Mike saw all that snow and we had to dig in...before sledding. We had it clear, but it keeps coming down....and the snow of the roof breaks loose at strange times. The snow mover was put to good use. We miss our snow blower. We have no where to store one, but maybe we'll look for one in the spring/summer when folks are pcsing. We gave ours away when we moved from AK to TX.
This is the tree in the common area (used to sport vending machines)......look how tall the snow is getting. Not a BIG hill, but the kids had fun, learned how to direct the snow mover down a small bump, and we'll look for a true sledding hill shortly....and real SLEDS. All were reminding me yesterday that MY antique sled is in the living room. I thought of it. We USED to use it....the wood is starting to split and it has metal they use those any more? Is it safe?

We came in cold and tired. We grabbed leftovers. I worked on some PWOC funds things for an upcoming trip. I sent out a few PWOC emails. We read another chapter in Nate Saint. We went to bed tired, sore (some of us) and satisfied.

No children were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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berrypatch said...

That snow mover looks like an awesome sled IMHO! Have fun playing in all that snow! ;-) I think you even have way more than we do so far! LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It is quite big. LOL

Anonymous said...


To much fun you all had. Enjoy for Dad/me too. love/prayers - Mom T.