Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hasty Pudding....

We have been enjoying Hasting Pudding, Johnnycakes and Other Good Stuff by Loretta Frances Ichord.

Here's a fun the Southern Colonies "Beaten Biscuits" became popular. They would put the biscuit dough on a chopping block an pound it with a hammer or the flat end of an ax. It was said 300 whacks were "enough" but no less than 500 whacks would do for company. Why all the beating? Baking Powder hadn't been invented yet, this made the biscuits light and airy. Of course, I doubt this would have been such a popular dish if young slaves weren't given the job of beating the biscuits. We didn't try this recipe.

Liberty Tea, drinking by colonialists was RASPBERRY LEAF TEA, the very same tea I drink daily quarts of. ::snort:: The kids weren't impressed.

Thomas Jefferson wrote down the first ice cream recipe in America. George Washington had the first ice cream maker on record.

We did try, "Maple Wheaten Bread". I dreamed of it tasting like the maple bread from our tasted like good old fashioned whole wheat bread. LOL
We ground the wheat.
From 2010-01-29-31
They did all the measuring.
From 2010-01-29-31
They opted for 10 minutes of hand kneading over the Bosch.
From 2010-01-29-31
It's a "dough man".
From 2010-01-29-31
And now I'm motivated to figure out how to bring in a couple of more grain buckets and get back to baking 7 grain bread.
From 2010-01-29-31
We have quite a few other recipes we want to try from this book... but I thought I'd comment on it before we move on to another time period. We have enjoyed the recipes and the tidbits. If you are studying Colonial America with elementary aged students (or even older), this is a fun addition to your texts.

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