Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Deployment Goals

Mike asked us tonight during family circle to discuss our deployment goals.
  •  Zander(8) - read for Mike (he says, "Ever since Uncle Nate came no one will let me read my book." ::snort:: I had Nate drill him with games and such but he is sure he hasn't learned a thing.
  • Stacia (4) - count in ENGLISH, she's stuck in Japanese....and recite the alphabet
  • Nolan(10) - read the New Testament
  • Arielle(12) - Play something of Beethoven's
  • Jared(16) - grow a goatee - WHAT??????? , spend at least 30 min a day playing with siblings, max out at bench on 160 lb, try to update blog for Dad at least 3x a week
  • De'Etta(not as old as dirt) - Workout 5 days a week, get those new tests scheduled ::snort::, memorize James (or Ps 91 because it's really difficult for me), lose weight
  • Michael(ancient) - Memorize I John (or 2 John), workout 5 days a week, lose 2 inches of my waist, finish story about Matthew.
Now, I'll have to see if the older four want to send us any deployment goals. I suspect theirs are things like, "survive spring term," "work,"......
Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...


Awesome goals. You can all do it. love you all. love/prayers by the tons. Dad/Mom T.