Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

We continued our sight seeing today with Uncle Nate. We headed for one of our favorites. Tonami Clan Memorial. I really need to find some English books on this...or take Akiko with us next time. We have questions.

 Last time we visited all was covered in thick snow.

I keep trying to find Grape/Aloe Vera for the kids to try....so many choices....

Or not.... ::snort::

This is our favorite little restaurant. The kids ate until they were nearly sick, much to the delight of the owners....this shop reminds us of Po and Kung Fu Panda.

Stacia is going to miss Uncle Nate.
After lunch, Arielle had drama. The rest of us met up with Twyla and Joey and headed to the Food Court for a treat...enough said.  We made our way home, played outside, watched an episode of Dick Van Dyke show and Hogan's Heroes.....youngers are in bed....Nate and Jared are watching Amazing Grace....I think I'm heading for bed. I need to wake up and spend early a.m. hours on messages for next week.....In between our excursions, I updated FB and email....and tried to get a bit of PWOC business done....."big rocks first.....do the next thing..."

Mike should be driving to OR/CA as I type.....

*Here's a bit more info on the Tonami Clan....Visit here for hours and such. We can't wait to visit when everything is up and running.....
In 1872, Yasuto Hirosawa, a samurai warrior of the former Aizu Clan(late Tonami Clan), came to the area, cultivated it, and established the first western-style ranch in Japan in the Yachigashira district of Misawa City, which at the time, was a small out-of-the way village. Hirosawa hired two Britons and imported stud horses and bulls from the western world to breed the local Japanese livestock. He made significant contributions to the improvement of the Japan-bred livestock quality, building the foundation of a modern Japanese livestock management, and raising the level of local agricultural production. A museum stands in honor of Hirosawa, displaying valuable literature he wrote, materials and farming equipment used in the old days. Other facilities are; petting zoo, mini-golf, battery-operated car ride, snack stand, etc. Several events are held throughout the year for community participation.
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Anonymous said...

Sis: It looks like a fun place to be. Love the huge boots..... is that meaning his boots are to big to fill? Everyone look like they were having fun. So glad Stacia and Nathaniel love each other. Wonder who will have the hardest time when he heads back to China? Anxious to see Mike. I probably won't see him until he is heading back to you. Dad is home waiting for him to want the pick-up... love/prayers -- Mom T.

Cynthia said...

I needed the BIG ROCKS and do the next thing reminder! It's a crazy time right now, but by Easter I should be caught back up again and will hopefully have met most of my deadlines... then I'll have a bit of a breather for a little bit.