Monday, April 19, 2010

Jared on Narcotics

Will he remember? Maybe I'd best blog it. I'm sure he'll be fine with that as HE was snapping photos of himself. ::snort:: Yes, HE took these photos.
On the way to the clinic, he seemed remarkably calm and in good spirits. I think talking to Dad for 30 min last night helped.

We checked him in. I went to wait....and pick up meds....and do Bible study...and make retreat lists....and read a new book.....and then the nurse came out sporting a big smile.

We were told when Jared had his tonsils out to remember that he is a "violent drunk".  Well - something HAPPENED. I'd warned them, they were prepared.  I worried  a bit about his actions under the drugs, given Michael's recent post on sanctification.

BUT....this kid was happy, friendly, cracking jokes, making expansive gestures....the nurse put him in the wheelchair and he was raising his arms high and pretending to be on  a roller coaster, complete with noises. They had a great time with him. I said, "OK, Jared, settle down!"

I was  told to keep him quiet and not let him talk. Yeah. RIGHT. He was cracking one joke after another. He did wake up a couple of times during the surgery. NONE of the older four wanted to socialize after they had their wisdom teeth pulled. I HAD to go check Michael's office one more time. I left Jared in the car with a stern warning, "Don't get out, don't talk, don't sing, don't move...just stay".  He did...but took pictures.

I promised him he'll look worse on Day 2 - swelling and such. I think he wanted a terrible photo. It will come. He's upstairs. I MADE him take the Percocet....I've got to knock him out or he will NOT sit still. ::snort::  I love this kid.  (Yes, dears, I love you all!)

We're keeping a quiet house, working on school, drugging Jared and hoping that he recovers quickly.

Choosing Joy!
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Kim said...

Too funny!!!!! Can't wait to see the chipmunk cheeks - if they come. I never really swelled up nor bruised!

berrypatch said...

This is definitely better than waking up crying and sobbing as I do from anesthesia. Yuck. Pray he recovers fast and continues to enjoy the process. ;-)

Renee said...

mine weren't giddy upon leaving surgery but James has absolutely no memory of walking from the office to the car nor the drive home.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Glad it went well, Jared sounds hilarious on heavy meds!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...that's Jared for yah!

Bre G

Cynthia said...

I remember when Amanda had her wisdom teeth out. Watching her "come to" was awful...