Sunday, April 18, 2010

Words from Michael....

Y'all know this is a family journal. Michael wanted to send some thoughts via Facebook but finds it "confining"...I guess. ::snort::  I'm thrilled to share "my pastor" with you tonight.

I may well add Michael as an author so that he can pop in with updates for our "family posterity" from time to time if I sound like a 6'4" male....I probably am. LOL

I have been thinking about sanctification lately. The reason for this is I have been confronted with a few instances where someone close to me who has been a Christian a long time but has had some rather unchristian things explode from his mouth and life. We each (OK, most of us) have those things which we govern by our inhibitions, and we restrain from coming out beause we easily acknowledge they are inappropriate and do not lend themselves to the nature and character of God. The question is what happens when I lose that ability to restrain, squelch, silence, censor those things which are inapproprate? What happens when this gatekeeper is no longer able to control what is passing out of the gate of my life? This brings me back to the importance of sanctification.

If I put on a facade of sanctification and manage to suppress the garbage hiding it from every one's eyes and ears and nose, what happens when I am no longer able to maintain the facade. Perhaps this is through old age, or sickness or even pain. What will come out of me when the gatekeeper has either fallen asleep or is distracted by other issues? That which I have held within will flow out. So what do I want to flow out of me in those times?

I have next to me an orange. On the outside it has all of the characteristics of an orange. The color is right. The texture is right. Even the smell is right. What do I expect to find when I peel the outer shell off of this orange? I expect to find the fruit of an orange in all of its richness and sweetness. What would I do if it is rotted and putrid inside? I would toss it into the trash. Which again brings me back to the importance of sanctification.

I want to be the man that does not even need a gatekeeper because that which is within and that which is without is the same - a perfect reflection, representation of Jesus. I want it so that when I speak it is as though Jesus is speaking through me. I want it so that when I act I am doing that which is pleasing to my heavenly father without even a concern. I want it so that the the thoughts I think are identical to those of my Lord's. In short, I want to be transformed into the very image and character of Jesus.

So where to from here? I am not perfect. I am not at that place of being "Christ-like" in all I say and do and think. I still keep discovering pockets rot and places of putridness in my life. Sanctification is indeed a road, a journey, a pursuit. I will stay on the road. I will continue the journey. I will pursue sanctification and holiness as a runner pursues the finish line. I have set myself to become holy, to be like Christ so that in all times, in any circumstance and in all places the only thing that comes out of me is the sweetness of Jesus. -Mike

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Stephanie said...

Very well written...thank you.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for sharing! IT's fun to hear from both of you on the blog.

Darshia said...

Wow! Great verbal visual with the orange. I agree with Cynthia, it's good to have both of you share on your family blog.

Anonymous said...

Mike: Thanks. A word well spoken and no doubt will speak to many hearts. Spoke to mine. love/prayers -- Mom T.

Kim said...

Hmmm, Mike. This is something I've thought of too. You put it so well. It is something I will be praying for myself about! Thanks! Kim