Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quick Glimpses of the Week

We HAVE been double pacing our school. We thought this would be a hard week as it is spring break for those in the DOD schools. It really wasn't. We didn't see much of the neighborhood kids outside (snow and such probably had something to do with that ::grin::). not think we're SLAVING away....this is a fun way to drill phonetic sounds.....

Our goal is for "Michael" to have a gift here for the kids each Family Night - Friday. I picked up a bunch of dvd's on my trip - visited walmart. Unfortunately, this one is a bit cruder than I'd like.  The kids were thrilled and we'll not make it a "daily view".

You can't see them all but all our children and the older girls of Rodney and Windy are in this shot - a rip roaring game of Red Rover. I love it.

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Anonymous said...


When I was a kid we play red=rover. FUN!

I'm sleepy so G'Night

Linda said...

the photos didn't show for me... :-(