Monday, September 13, 2010

Chapel Improvements - Michael

The inside of the chapel has steadily improved over the months.  People have donated curtains, pictures, rugs and a carpet runner.  It has been nice to see things get better.  We were working toward some sort of a sash to cover the big speakers that are way up front, but we could not get the cooperation of the engineering folks to put up the hangers, and we were dealing with a tailor who was coming up with a rather outrageous price for the work.  So, it appears this part of the project is not going to happen.  Oh well...

The drum set is new, and our musicians are loving it.  It, apparently, is a rather good set of drums.  They are saying it is professional quality.  The way they beat on them, I hope the quality is up to the challenge and the stress.
This is the view from the platform looking toward the back of the sanctuary.  The door at the very back leads to the pavillion area.


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Darshia said...

I thought you all worshipped in tents. Delightful to see as much as there is!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darshia
This is a well-established location. We have only a few tents on the compound, and they are going away soon.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Sounds like this spot plans on being around a bit of time. I love it,hon. Looking good.

Kristine said...

Look at those rugs, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It looks very nice... I must agree with Darshia....I was picturing an episode of count down will be in the twenties tomorrow! It will be good.

Bre G

Cynthia said...

Thanks for sharing. I had no idea what type of things you had to work with!