Monday, September 13, 2010

Whirlwind Preaching Engagement - Michael

This past Sunday, my chaplain assistant and I went to Camp Souter for a preaching engagement. I had invited the British chaplain over a few weeks back, and it was my turn to preach over there.  The city was quiet so there were no issues with safety.  The setting is rather barren, though.  Padre M is out of the Church of Scotland.  These visits are always fun.  Usually, they have BBQ on Sunday, but not this time.  They did have some dynamite casaba mellon, though.  We arrived with a little bit of time to chat and have tea.  Went to the D-Fac to eat then headed to the chapel - very sparse.  The service was only 30 minutes long.  I had more than half of it with the message.  Immediately after the service, and I mean "amen" put on IBA and run to catch the shuttle kind of immediate, we were on our way back to "home."  It is always nice to go somewhere for even a couple of hours, but to go somewhere and get to preach?  Well, that really is about as good as it gets over here.


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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Sounds like fun. Is the photo the British Padre?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is her. They only do three months at a shot - how's that for a deployment?