Thursday, September 02, 2010

Look What They are Doing to My Neighborhood! - Michael

When I arrived, my "back yard" was fairly nice (all things considered, that is).  There were trees for shade and quite a bit of open space (you should see other places around the compound).  Then they began to change things.  First, they added four conex "hooches," but the backyard was still pretty much intact.

Now they are making a total mess of my back yard.  It has been months coming, but they are finally getting it done.  Ugh!  All of the trees are gone.  There are trenches going everywhere.  Soon they will be adding a whole line of conex "hooches" to this area.  "Cozy" is not going to describe it - more like "really crowded" or "crammed-full."

What a drastic change it will make to this area of camp, but it needs to be done.  They are just not safe where they were located.

And they call this progress...

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

We call this PROGRESS. LOL