Thursday, October 07, 2010

9 Glass Floats

It's still fairly common to find glass floats along the beaches in Japan. I've not  PERSONALLY found any, but Twyla has given me one and the kids bought me a bunch for Mother's Day. You can find HUGE ones and I plan to go looking for some in the very near future.

The kids bought me this little basket and it holds 9 Japanese glass floats illuminated with battery-powered tea lights as we're not allowed to burn candles in our home.

NINE DAYS? SINGLE DIGIT! This is our guess.....even if it turns out this is day 11 or 13 or 18.....we'll be happy that for today we think it is NINE. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

Not permitted to burn candles? What a bummer..... do you 'cheat' and still use them on bday cakes?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

NO - we've not cheated....but we probably will this year for candles on birthday cakes. LOL The hardest thing for me was passover......I ordered some battery candles...tea lights are "ok" and the wax ones look great - but they are SMALL.....still looking.

Debbie said...

It is so good to see the numbers going down. We understand about the "estimate" aspect of these numbers, but it still brings comfort to have some sort of count.

Is there anything here in the state for candles that we could send you?

Kristine said...

Love, love, love the new blog design, and the new header pic is stunning. I've enjoyed your brief comments about floats before--as a child, we had three large green glass ones by our fireplace, picked up at some time by my grandfather? grand uncle? during their travels as seamen. Now I don't remember which side of the Pacific they were found on--Japan? Washington state? Thanks for helping me relive (the memories that I can remember, lol).

Darshia said...