Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catching Up

Wednesday - Doctor F and I met again. I have agreed to begin taking Zocor again. Regardless of my weight loss, working out 6 days a week, fish oil etc numbers jumped 70 points. He was rather emphatic...I'll spare you the details. He gave me only 3 months and told me I will be back at the end of 3 months (I waited a year for these scheduled labs). 

Wednesday, while Michael checked in at the chapel, I visited with a friend who is home for a few weeks before spending Nov and Dec with her family in the states. Renee is always a huge encouragement and we talked through PWOCI workshops. 

TODAY - gym....more workshop prep (probably will continue in Dallas LOL)....Physical Therapy for Jared....we began to drive out of town and discovered the battery was dead...then we had to discover where the engine was in the van. I'd forgotten what the seller told me about the battery but remembered it was under a seat or something. LOL 
Ah - engine under the wonder they are warm....checking the oil. ::snort:: 

Where IS the battery? Would help to be able to read the manual. LOL 

Ah - the battery is under the ledge behind the driver's seat....

By the time we took care of this there wasn't time to go out of town. We headed to the post office on base....six packages of "vitamins" from Vitacost......Life is happy in Asia. 

We went bowling and then took Michael to Papagenos......Italian Buffet. 

Stacia actually ASKED...."May I have a bowl," as she stood at the Chocolate Fountain. Yes, her eyebrows are usually blonde. 

We headed to Sport's Authority and bought Nolan a pair of running shoes. I found these.....and for a brief moment I was taller than Arielle. 

Choosing Joy!
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Liz in OK said...

It is wrong to say "I talked to my doctor & he gave me just 3 months."

But it's good & right to have fudge vitamins.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Our daughter had a Japanese made van back in the 1990's. She was single at the time and her dad taught her to do her own mantainence. I think an essential part, like the battery or maybe the oil dipstick was located under the passenger seat. She really surprised her dad when she found it.

I know you have worked so hard to stay off medication, but sometimes diet and exercise just doesn't work. My husband has a neurologist who "tweaks" his medication to find just the right one(s) for him.

So glad that Mike is home safely. I read your posts regularly, but seldom comment. It still is an education for me to read about all your adventures.

Take care.

Wilma in WV

Anonymous said...

When I was little, I just wanted to be taller than you....Arielle is living my dream....the little bugger. Lol
Bre g

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yeah - well - Liz - you should know that one box is gone and I had ONE of those little cookies - just one. That is what my doctor calls moderation. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL about your daughter's experience. Thanks for the encouraging comments when you do comment, Wilma, and most of all for your prayers.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Everyone says YOU are taller than me? How tall are you? I'm 5 ft 4.....and I'm sticking to that story.

Anonymous said...

when were you ever that tall? :(:( probably. who knows. Sis: Remember you a from a family of G;'Grand parents both sides, Grand parents and parents with BP problems and cholestoral. (who cares about spelling) However, I am keeping the medicine for S'Diabetis away..... I really do monitor what I eat. However I do mess up and eat to much chocolate etc. My DR says she is only interested in the morning readings to see just how well my pancartis did overnight. Yikes, those words are to much to spell. Take care and love/prayers - Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yep - it's the family medical history that finally led to me accepting the drugs, Mom. I've done all I can via lifestyle changes....and will continue. My cholesterol continues to climb, I'm doing 60 mins of cardio 6x a week, have lost 1/2 my weight, eat clean and I'm now in the age range where heart attacks are the number one killer for women. I'm listening.

They did the test to check my blood sugar average for the past 6 months and it was fine. They've expected me to develop diabetes 10 years after gestational - but I've not. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sis: You are wonderful and very alert to your medical needs. Your family is blessed to have a mom who pays attention. Dad took Zorcor for awhile. Don't remember why they changed to other med's. Dad hopes he will be able to be off his sugar med's after his next appointment which will be before the end of the year. Last visit his stat's or whatever for sugar were almost to close together so.......... hope so. Anyway love you all tons. praying for you all tons. Mom T.