Friday, October 15, 2010

Fantastic Family Night

Another very full week...well lived.  Bible studies, lunches out, some school, MOPS and news....Mike is in Baltimore tonight....still not home...but certainly closer. 

There are  many surprises being planned around here; I dare not say much more....other than.....I've told the kids this would be the last family night before Dad was back. I let them know I was sure he'd be back by next Friday. Always dangerous to say, but I feel confident. If you are local, remember....Shhhhhhhh....we're surprising our youngest ones. The older ones remember one trip like that and want to recreate the moment for the younger ones.

We decided to spend this family night preparing surprises for Dad's homecoming.....finished photos will have to wait as they'd spoil the surprise if Michael happened to check the blog.... we started making his favorite dessert, we've made posters and signs.....we bought balloons (I've been assured they'll last for I didn't want to order balloons and have a last minute change. LOL)

Jared prefers creating his masterpieces on the computer....

The rest of us gathered at the table....

I'm not sure Stacia really understands what the poster she designed is for..... but it's sweet.

And look at the Daddy Jar after they all grabbed their Daddy candy this evening. I think there may be just enough to share the last candies when Dad makes it home (though I did buy another bag today in case I need to add a are thinking Dad won't be home until Wed or Thurs so actually I'll add some tonight.....I'm stunned how my close my  "extended guess" as to a homecoming date has come.

Looks better than this one - and frankly this long nightly candy countdown may have cured me of my m/m fetish.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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becky.onelittle said...

I'm so excited for you! We've been keeping Mike and you all in our prayers. Wanted to share how I was cured of my m and m fetish :P Soon after we left San Angelo Ian was hired on as an assisstant with an inspection company. I was living in a 1 bedroom apt with four children in cold rainy weather with no car. He did an inspection at an MnM Mars factory and brought home 50lbs of MnMs- all yellow. I think Asher must have lived off MnM milk for a month before I threw them away. I've had only a handful in the last four years and I continue to pray that yellow dye doesn't cause him to have weird behaviors or crumbly teeth :) YUCK!

Liz said...

Tears at the sight of the nearly empty M&M jar - fir the right reason

Yvonne said...

De' excited, so relieved...and wishing you a wonderful and blessed reunion!