Friday, October 08, 2010

Italian Pizza

We tried a brand new Pizza joint tonight after Sarah told me the kids would love it. This "chef" trained in Naples and the pizzeria is billed as having "Italian style pizza". I don't know what was Italian and what was Japanese - but all in all - it was yummo! 

We loved the brick oven. 

See Stacia's head popping up to watch? 

THIN crusts (so thin you can see through them in spots), VERY fast cooking....we ordered a margarita (very popular here - basically tomato based sauce, mozzarella and basil leaves) and I order Pollo Fungai (assuming it would be chicken and mushrooms - good guess) size of pizza (and you don't typically take leftover home in Japan - at least not up here). 

The kids played it safe and ordered the "Americana style" pizza.....I wish I had a photo of their eyes when this showed up.....french fries and hot dog pizza....

Another thing to get used to is the drinks are 8 oz and no refills ($2 a drink)

The portions are smaller....and the pizza is NOT greasy...NOT AT ALL...I loved it. I'm sure we'll go back. They were quite taken with Zander and Stacia and the feeling was mutual. 


Renee said...

Love the "American' pizza..... Germany was even worse with sodas. About the same size but more expensive... but hey do our kids really need a Big Gulp with refills? :)

Kristine said...

Great post, I shared it with my kiddoes. Our big way to save money eating out lately is to order water, no pop (even for just 4 of us, that saves $10 with tax and tip). I'm guessing, though, they charge for that in Japan? :)

Trevor also loved your header.

Linda said...

That french fry and hot dog pizza is hysterical! I think Chase would love it. Her favorite is the macaroni and cheese pizza on the buffet at CiCi's. I can do without both of those choices!

Jen Guyer said...

The first two pizzas sound really good. The American pizza not so much.

Hmm, wonder which style the thin crust is attributed to? Here in the states, thin crust is St. Louis style.

Anonymous said...

Now, American pizza with german sausage might work but not hotdogs. :):):):) love/prayers - Mom T.

Darshia said...

That pizza oven is a work of art!