Friday, July 08, 2011

Another Haircut

Zander is our spectrum/sensory integration child.....and his hair grows FAST. He likes things even. He doesn't like things touching him.  You may remember a few months ago his hair was bugging him and he took the scissors to it.  I had noticed he was getting preoccupied with his hair again this week and knew the scissors couldn't be far off. 

One of his friends came over with a buzz. I seized the moment! 

"Zander, would you like a hair cut too?" 


Off we went. I quickly snipped the hair to a level the clippers would better handle.  This is the child I worried would never learn to communicate and interact with us....the child who was content in his own world and didn't seem to need us. 

"Try to do it without touching me any more."

I began to buzz.....

"AGH you are ripping my hair out by roots like a flower!"

 "It sounds like a bulldozer!!!" 

"It's going to bust my ear hearing"

He went to the  couch  and  laid out spread-eagle....I tried to find an emergency soda in the house, but there hasn't been any since before the end of deployment. ::snort:: 

He came through at one point and sang to me, "Why'd you grab your clipping shears and shave my head like Brittany Spears, now I'm standing here in total shame, you're to blame, ..."

He's still rubbing his head and says it's "thorny," but he likes it. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

His comments are so creative, the poem especially! Maybe it would help next time if he listened to music through earbuds?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love the buzz, his commentary, and the song!

Three heads in this house look just the same ;D


Anonymous said...

Zander it looks great

Berry Patch said...

My oldest son used to scream whenever we cut his hair for similar reasons. My poor MIL has always cut it for us. I remember those days well. Thankfully he does better but it's still not his favorite thing.