Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday - Wednesday

Tuesday is PWOC.....This week it was Japan 101. It was fun to learn new spots to explore from each other....

Tuesday is also becoming farewell at Misawa AB day...the Patriot (plane contracted to fly weekly from here to Seattle)  leaves on Tuesday afternoon. We said goodbye to a couple of more families this week and sent a chaplain on deployment. 

The highlight of Wednesday was PWOC's Summer Book Club. We met at New Delhi and discussed  "The Great Divorce". A winner all the way around. BTW I had the garlic Nan and Dal (lentil) curry - yummo.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both sweltering days. We cool one room in the house. I'm coming to love energy shortages, really. In the winter we huddled in the living room to stay warm and played games and read. In the summer we huddle in the living room to stay cool and play games and read. I had been contemplating earlier this year how to make the living room CENTRAL to family shortage seems to be the answer. LOL

Tuesday and Wednesday were also GREAT school days.

Wednesday I decided to take up running again. Not sure why - mid-life crisis?

Choosing Joy!
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Kristine said...

1. Yes, I like your title, lol.

2. I had to smile at the thought of American De'Etta living in Japan meeting at New Delhi.

3. I might take a stab at The Great Divorce. I've never been a reader of "deep" books, and with the exception of Chronicles of Narnia, I consider Lewis to be "deep." But this looks doable.

4. So I looked up your weather and realized we'd had similar. Huh, I thought. And then I remembered--we have A/C. I haven't had coffee yet this morning, so that's my defense for being slow.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Kristine - #2 - ironic, isn't it. I love it. #3 yes, a bit deeper but an easy read...and if I didn't have a group asking probing, deep questions, I'm not sure I would have realized it was deeper. LOL #4 yeah, the AC and humidity level make a difference. I used to scoff, but after living in TX, WEST TX and now Japan and the Philippines....I agree dry heat is easier to handle than high humidity - just makes everything feel hotter when your glasses are fogging and sweat is rolling down your back at 0700.