Sunday, July 17, 2011

Very Bad Run

Debated if I should take another day between runs or go today.....wanted to do it. It was raining at 4:30 and 5:30 and 6:00.... grabbed my old workout pants and decided I'd do the elliptical....didn't want to wake up family so had a lovely tryst with God first.....then.....

It wasn't raining. I couldn't find my trusty shoes.......but I DID have a new pair of Asics running shoes "the runners" talked me into buying in May. They felt I should trade out shoes more than once a decade.

I've been using the Asics for the elliptical to break them in. I've only run in the Saucony. My knees have been fine. My shins and ankles haven't hurt....I was doing good and dreaming of running like a 20 yo in 2 months.......

Today was

A Very Bad Run!

The humidity and heat are both higher at 0800 than they are at 0430. 

There are real PEOPLE out in the rice paddies and fields at 0800. I don't like audiences. 

Within the first 5 minutes my SHINS and ankles were burning. Really hurting. I did about 1/2 the run and decided this was not a good thing. I simply MUST find the old Saucony shoes and possibly order a new pair online. 

THEN.....well....I'd noticed my workout pants weren't as snug as they used to be. Go ME! But they continuously FELL DOWN as I ran....try running with your pants drifting down to your knees. 

At 15 min I turned for home and decided I'd finish my time on the elliptical - which I did. 

My knees feel shin and ankles still burn...can a shoe make that much difference? Here I thought I was more in shape and thus able to run again but it could have simply been that the Saucony was better for me to run in than the New Balance which I had in my earlier attempts. 

Choosing Joy!
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Debbie said...

Way to go getting out there. Sorry it wasn't a great run.

I've been working out since Sept '10 with a cross training step/weight class and Zumba, but I need to do more...thinking of running again. You are encouraging me to try.

Hope you have a better run soon.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Well - I've not gone OUTSIDE to run again - really want to find the shoes that don't hurt. LOL

BUT I am doing the run/walk routine on the elliptical - so I feel like I'm still progressing.

Wish I could find my running shoes. I leave them on the patio - where could they have gone?

Cynthia said...

MOST DEFINITELY! The shoe makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world! I never thought I'd "run." But, the walking is just not enough these days so I've started a bit of jogging myself (LOL), but I was significantly warned to not even give it a try without proper running shoes or it would be a problem with shin splints...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Cynthia - but both shoes WERE running shoes.The asics were bought as they were supposed to be great running shoes and the sauconys are getting old.....

Not to worry - I heard of a new workout that really is working better - I can do it on the elliptical - which is easier on my knees.

Sprint 8.....kicker.